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Hello There ID 138

 i would like to take into account that this was done on purpose to bait me or something.

2. this is an NCZ are agetting into another persons car without his permissionis a crime therefore you broke NCZ

3. this happened some time ago and i think more than 48 hours have passed and now you uploaded it to youtube and report me for it? making it seem that it happened just now ? at 11 of october ?



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little things to change
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By The Way 

VIDEO TITLE 07.10.2019



i feel that people really jumped in against The Russian mafia bandwagon we feel attacked from all sides ic and ooc
ic we at least deal with it somehow but ooc people literally trash on us , the ones at least that are against us and it feels very unproffesional and when we call them out we get told not to be toxic...
Evidence cannot be older than 48 hours . If players are deliberately withholding evidence and knowledge of a rule breach, they will be punished for said action.
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