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ID 47 (Extremely Poor Roleplay) using /b as an advantage

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Player(s) being reported: ID 47
Date of interaction reported: 08/OCT/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1570552446

Your characters name:  Samuele Colonna

Other player(s) involved: Mikael Cowell, ID 75, ID 131

Specific rule(s) broken:

There's no specific rule but the video says it all.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

We got a positive trace on a wanted felon so we moved in to arrest him. As soon as we get there we see a messy scenario and the suspect jumps into /occ and says:

(( im bugged dude ))
(( wait ))

At this point I know that we should've kept going anyway becuase the rules state that only an admin can pause roleplay (I am not new and I never broke a rule, as my admin log shows) but I expected him to reconnect / further explain the situation / simply let us go on with the roleplay / redo it like mature people would do. Instead, he took advantage of our generosity, fairplay, call it however you want to withdraw his shotgun when he wasn't under FearRP anymore, walk up to me without saying a single word and start shooting. 

As you can see in the evidence, when he was coming towards me I did not start shooting instantly or give demands because I was confused but him, excuse my french, DID NOT GIVE A SHIT.
I understand that your shotgun is very important and having it taken away from you would break your heart but what you did is really immature. You can't always win RP scenarios, especially when you get outsmarted.

I consider this not only poor roleplay but an absolute lack of respect. I hope this is kind of incidents do not happen again in this community. I also want to recall the fact that I could've put him down because he was not complying with our demands but I didn't. 

P.S.: I always want to educate players that I report since the only thing I lose is food and a radio but he told me that "he was really bugged" and "he did nothing wrong" which is kinda fucked up.
I warned him about the report and that's how he answered.

Evidence of rule breach:

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After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it I have decided to issue following punishments as the reported party has failed to respond within required time frame:

Player ID 47 Maskim_Kancar @lukas696910 will be receiving Non RP | Offence #2 | Pausing Roleplay without having a power to do so.

So the officers had a trace on you and they followed that trace which led to you. As soon as they approached you, you informed them that your game was bugged in OOC chat, which they reacted accordingly and stopped engaging towards you. However you took advantage of that situation and without informing other players continued with the situation and started shooting at the officers when they weren't paying attention, which could've ultimately granted you a get away, which would not be fair as you paused role play without having a power or permission to do so. If something like this happens again, please make sure you inform all the parties involved that your game is not bugged anymore and you all can continue roleplay from where it was paused.




Report locked & archived.

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