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KianAhmadi - Miguel Costa (Punishment Appeal )

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Account name: KianAhmadi

Character name(s): Miguel Costa


Admin who issued punishment: alexalex303 and MrSilky 

Date of punishment: 1/10/19

Punishment Received: Deathmatch #1

Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch #1



Your explanation of what happened: there was about 6 or 7 of us that rocked up to rob them at high end ID 156 he was told to get on his knees and drop the gun while under gun point i then told him again to drop the gun and gave him 2 countdowns to drop his gun he failed to do so after 33 seconds so i shot him for not following our commands, i feel like he was stalling on purpose and if you look at his videos you will see he's in a police fraction so he should know how to drop a gun or even asked "how do i drop the gun"




Why should your appeal be accepted?:


below is a few examples of when people were killed in less then 10 seconds and another one in less then 5 seconds. the 1st report Carlos was stuck and said in OOC he was stuck but still killed within 10 seconds because he did not comply, in my report he was given 1 minute and 33 seconds and I personally gave him 33 seconds with demands to drop his gun and even as i killed him, on his screen he hand not even started to pulled his gun out to drop it.

The second video you will see a Zeta (OFFICIAL GANG) shoot a man for not putting his hands up in less then 5 seconds, during those 5 seconds the victim was typing /handsup Fully complying and was even shot the 1st bullet while he was still trying /handsup but the zeta received a verbal warning for killing someone who was fully complying in less then 5 seconds.


i don't believe i should have a deathmatch punishment because he was 1st told to drop his gun by ID 152 at 0:13 while at gunpoint and clearly heard him because he said "get down on your knees and drop your gun" ID 156 did /down but did not even try to drop the gun at all, i then told him to drop his gun

again at 1:10 and gave him a further 33 seconds to drop his gun including 2 countdowns and he failed to do so.


Now the support staffs reason for my punishment was " The player indicated to you in /b that he is having issues dropping the gun at ~1:29 and you shot him down at ~1:43. This is unacceptable and showcases a play to win mentality that we do not support here."  although i gave him 33 seconds personally to drop his gun and he had a total of 1 minute and 33 seconds to drop his gun from our 1st demands but yet in both the videos they were killed in under 10 seconds and under 5 seconds but they both receive no punishments when i personally gave him 3x more time then the 1st report and 6x more time then the second report and receive a death match punishment





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Hi there and thanks for the appeal.

Your appeal is based on the expectation that a member of the LSPD knows all commands and in this case - how to drop a weapon. He explained in OOC chat that he was trying to drop it and that he didn’t know how to. At no point did any of you attempt to assist, you just kept on persisting adding pressure causing him to mess up more. What @alexalex303 said is spot on - you were fixated on a win and had no intention on assisting a struggling community member who didn’t know what to do.

If any of you had simply said something along the lines of “hold the gun then type /dropgun” and he continued to delay, then he would be punished for stalling and you would have had valid reasons to shoot him. This however was not the case.

I recommend that the punishment remain on record as the victim was very clearly compliant of all demands and was actively trying to comply even asking for assistance in OOC chat. This decision is up to the senior member of staff concluding the appeal.

Kind regards, MrSilky.

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You don't acknowledge him or assist him when he says he cannot drop the pistol on his knees. You ignore this and start your countdown from 3. 3 seconds is not a very long period of time for you to expect them to equip it and type out /dropgun.

If someone is asking assistance or tells you they cannot do something in that animation, you should be considerate and assist or take the time to tell them what they need to do. As Silky said, if they continue to stall afterwards then their intention is clear that they are stalling the roleplay. But you ignored their attempts at telling you they cannot. 

Think about yourself in the reverse position. You're hit with two people giving demands one after the other, one saying to get down drop your gun while the other person says to stay on your knees and throws some /me and /do at you. You are told to remain on your knees. You are then told to drop your gun and you need to stand to do so. You start to panic and tell them in /b you cant drop it on your knees despite being told to stay on your knees. Would you like being shot within three seconds while you are trying to comply? No, you wouldn't. 


Appeal Denied.

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