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ID 62 Admin power abusing

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Player(s) being reported: 62 ,YoSuHelpful
Date of interaction reported: 2019-09-28
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1569682803

Your characters name: Jonas_Keiler

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken:
Admin power abusing

How did the player break the rule(s)?
i was heading up to drug lab with speeding when i entered the drug lab i saw a guy near me so i tried to stop but suddenly i ran him over ,so what he did was shooting at me with out asking the reason why i did that  in ooc .hopefully YoSuHelpful was in that situation .so he paused the rp and asked me why i vdmed him and what i told him was : sorry it was a mistake did not really mean that .) so YoSuHelpful just gave my health back to 100 and we resumed the rp . they started chasing me after 5/6 minutes they finally got me so what i did was getting off my car and start shooting at them .i killed YoSuHelpful and i died so they finished me after that .as i am a new player  and we all know if a new player dies he/she is not going to lose anything on his inventory .so what YoSuHelpful did was tping him self to me and telling me that the shotgun belongs to them .and told me i rammed him for no reason and its not fair if i dont give the shotty which is completely a power abusing .so finally i had a little conversation with YoSuHelpful and he finally decided to leave me for next time (20 minutes after) .me and my friend sneaked up to a girl in drug lab and tried to rob her but YoSuHelpful and his friends were camping for us in there so we had a fight with them and we died again as i was a new player they finished me again so i did not lost anything .this time he tpied me and said alright not this time Cuffed my hands checked my inventory took my bag and my shotty which is completely is admin power abusing again and he just told me i am abusing my new player status but thats not right because you made this script as a rule so everyone has to agree with it it does not matter if its founder-admin or anyone else and if they dont like that rule they can make a froum report and ask the other high rank admins if they are interested with removing or changing a rule or not . at the first place i feel a disrespect to eclipse rp community at second for YoSuHelpful and at the third place my self because it hundred percent was a disrespect cuffing my hands and taking the shotty out of my inventory 
Thanks Jonas Keiler Here .

Evidence of rule breach:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/619169253261574162/627570011996684289/20190928173958_1.jpg

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So I've met you in two instances in-game. In the first one, you ran me over without any RP and then started fighting with my friend. Me being lenient decided to continue our RP. We proceeded RP and got into a chase. You ended up dying after shooting at us, then when you died, your stuff was gone. RPly the shotgun should be there, so I was confused it wasn't. I TP'ed to you, to try and figure out how comes that the shotgun was not on scene. I spoke in admin chat, asking other admins about it. I got the response that you indeed do get to keep your items as new player when you die.

To my knowledge at that time, New Player protection is inside NCZ's and you can't rob them. I didn't know that you got to keep your items at that point.. 

So we are making drugs and then you and your friend come rolling up and start another shoot-out, you come blasting in with the same shotgun, killing and injuring our people and you end up getting shot again. Walking away with the same shotgun, this is where I wanted to have a talk with you and see what had happened. When I teleported to you, I did not see the shotgun on you, this made me think it had disapeared this time. So I did indeed cuff and frisk you and checked the bags inventory, I then also immediately handed them back over.

I have not taken any items from you, I've only spoken to you and checked your bag for it's contents. As said before, I will be using this in the next staff meeting as in my opinion it doesn't make any sense and it seems to be abused.


Now onto my question, if you were abusing your new player status.

Is this your only account? As you seem to know a lot about our server and the gangs on the server, the drug lab locations etc.... I can't imagine you being an actual new player.


I do, of course, apologize if I have caused you any inconvenience.


Kind Regards,



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22 hours ago, Lightside said:

Do you have any evidence of i rammed you ? can you upload it please ? because your friend started shooting at me without giving me a chance to type sorry !! because i actually rammed you as a mistake as i said 

I think there is no video evidence needed. You ran me over at the chiliad drug lab near the stairs on the right side (POV from when you enter the lab). If you had just sped in there and driven straight you wouldn't have come near me. You decided to drive towards my car (on the right hand side) and full on ram into me. As I said before, I gave you the benefit of the doubt after the incident was resolved and you were given full health.

28/Sep/19 03:59 PM    Luca_Marcello    Luca_Marcello died. Reason/weapon RunOverByCar    1569679190
28/Sep/19 03:59 PM    Luca_Marcello    /aduty    1569679194
28/Sep/19 04:00 PM    Luca_Marcello    What is this VDM?d    1569679214
28/Sep/19 04:00 PM    Luca_Marcello    You steered right into me    1569679232
28/Sep/19 04:00 PM    Luca_Marcello    Well we'll continue    1569679252
28/Sep/19 04:01 PM    Luca_Marcello    Just hope it wasn't intentional    1569679261
28/Sep/19 04:02 PM    Luca_Marcello    /aheal 121 100    1569679337

I think this proves my statement.


22 hours ago, Lightside said:

and about the cuff you could kindly ask me about it so i could tell you i see it as a disrespect to you and my self !!

It was the quickest way to handle things, If this offended you, I'm sorry. But there was never any foul intention from my side.

Also, I'd like to add the 2nd time we met at 'sea labs' you pulled up with a farmer van. ( You did this at a later time aswell, you were then punished by another Moderator who then confiscated all your belongings.

This still leaves me with my own question, if this is your only account as you knew the drug labs and had great knowledge of current gangs in the city. Also the fact there were two new players (you & your friend) with two fully loaded shotguns is not something you see everyday.. 

But I think the Senior Admin+ handling the report will be able to answer my questions with the usage of accounts logs and inventory logs.

Kind Regards,


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and at first my friend had a 50. and about the shotty i stole a orange car and when i checked the trunk saw a shotty in the back and that is all and this is getting a bit serious now because i really did not use a farmer van for crimes because another admin said that to me early and i guess that is not good to lie about. if you have any pov of me roaming and doing crimes with a farmer van please make a report here and show the high ranks so i can get punished .
Jonas Keiler here Thanks .

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