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Larry Wrzosek

ID 108 Non-RP / PG

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Player(s) being reported: Roberto Sanchez / MrSilky ID 108
Date of interaction reported: 9/28/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1569597127

Your characters name: Larry Wrzosek

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken:

8. Non-Roleplay (NRP)

  • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

  • Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay:


10. Powergaming (PG)

  • Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions.

  • Roleplay of unrealistic actions like super strength is another form of powergaming.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

I was trying to steal one of my gang member's vehicles on scene and someone from PD kept getting in and out of the vehicle, moving it from the parking lot, to the front of parking lot, back in the lot, then eventually penned it up against a wall with a cade right behind it. With the way the vehicle was parked & then caded so closely, it is easy to see that the intentions were to immobilize the vehicle without it actually being immobilized and/or occupied / guarded properly. Instead of properly roleplaying this, they exploited an unbreakable cade.

The cade being unbreakable is unrealistic, the way this cade was strategically placed to force the vehicle to a stand still script wise is VERY poor quality RP in general. The cades script is there to enhance roleplay situations, not limit players from roleplaying properly. 

The is so many simple solutions to secure this vehicle in a fair way, have an officer guard it, have an officer sit in the vehicle, tow the vehicle away, even if someone steals it there is a new situation to roleplay. All these options lead to more roleplay. Instead Roberto chooses to prevent RP interaction with the vehicle by using a scripted cade???

That is just the beginning to this though. I then went over to speak with you guys OOCly to express how dogshit it was that you would use a script to limit interactions, to see if we could compromise moving the cade. While I was trying to discuss it, I had to mediate two conversations. 1. Being the OOC concern of the poor cade (with Roberto), 2. An IC barrage of orders from an officer flexing these charges in attempt to get me to leave the scene or be apprehended (remove mask, identify to see if im wanted, impeding justice for being there) I could not hold a conversation long enough to have a productive conversation in OOC due to the lack of opportunity to stand and speak with them ICly.

I then made a report to try to get a 3rd parties opinion on the matter, as i've roleplay for a long time and acknowledge that what they are doing is indeed unfair & unrealistic. My report was then instantly denied by MrSilky. So not only have I tried to compromise and talk it out with the players involved, I also reached out to the admins in hope for an unbiased ruling but this was also denied to me. It says in the auto-reply to a denied report to not report the situation again, so I didn't report again.

After some PM's with Roberto I found out that he was the moderator handling my report, as well as the player I was having this concern with. Clearly there is a point of interest to the both of us, but MrSilky is bottling up my concern by denying my report in a situation he is directly involved in, and flexing IC punishment with his legal organization for coming to speak on it OOCly.

I debated on whether or not I should report him directly, instead of making a case on how to stop this from happening in the future to enhance everyday roleplay on the server. But this whole "Don't question me" vibe I got from this is straight up ridiculous. People apply to this server, we are a community of players, and on top of that its a roleplay community. There is going to be misunderstandings, questions concerns by hundreds of people, everyday, in every rp situation. Here is MrSilky choosing what questions get answered and which get ignored, as a moderator, whilst flexing both OOC & IC positions in an attempt to silence me. This ego trip he has going needs a reality check. 

I've lost nothing but the time I spent to put this together in hopes to better our communication, maybe take a step forward to creating a policy that keeps cade use from being exploited.

I also hope that Roberto as a moderator would be a little more open to productive conversations / questions in the future.

Evidence of rule breach:



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It’s Phillipe Sanchez, not Roberto.

The blockade was there to mark off the vehicle. There was also a police cruiser next to it when I set it up which made it more realistic to secure it and isolate the vehicle inside the scene. Your screenshot is from when we began taking everything down and packing up.

I explained to you in game that if you actually did some form of RP, I would have happily removed the blockade, you ignored this entriely. You instead we’re fixated on the mindset that it’s realistic to run on to an active crime scene with many heavily armed SWAT and standard police officers, jump in the primary suspect vehicle and drive off without RP. As I explained to you also in game, this is completely unrealistic and as such required RP which you refused.

As for me closing your report, I did this as the scene was active and it was best to remain IC. I explained to you after denying it that you are free to engage in RP which you ignored and refused.

Im extremely hurt by your many negative comments about me as I am one of the many helpful staff that take time out of their day to respond to all messages and questions on discord and take time out of my own Roleplay to assist you in fixing yours. 

Pending senior admin+

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I love how you draw stuff up in your head as if it played out this way or that way. The bottom line is, I did not even get involved in the situation ICly, because you are exploiting a scripted unbreakable cade. This is a roleplay server not Balloon Tower Defense 3.

Who wants to roleplay something one sided because a dude wants to use unrealistic methods to his own benefits? Then you instantly deny my report to keep it hush hush and avoid any debate about it.

Now you are going to insinuate and I quote- "You instead we’re fixated on the mindset that it’s realistic to run on to an active crime scene with many heavily armed SWAT and standard police officers, jump in the primary suspect vehicle and drive off without RP. As I explained to you also in game, this is completely unrealistic and as such required RP which you refused."

The only one fixated on anything is you man. It's clear that you will do anything in your power to help your faction, and I get that and respect that, but when you cross the line of fair play that's when I am going to call you out on your fuck up. It's not my car, I lose nothing if you tow it away and impound it, I gain nothing if I was to steal it, I saw that you were exploiting the cade so I ran up to the scene and ran right up to you to talk OOCly about moving the cade nothing more.

All i'm doing is calling you out on your bullshit because you were stubborn and inconsiderate. Just because you are a moderator, and are high rank in PD you don't get to push people around n do as you wish. As a decent player you should be approachable and fair.  Nevermind a moderator.

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It's a shame you feel this way about me, and I apologize if I ever gave off any vibe like that.

This comment - "It's clear that you will do anything in your power to help your faction" is extremely disheartening because I always aim to make the roleplay enjoyable for all. I never aim to win only, I look for the most enjoyable route (to the rulebook) many people can attest to this so it's truly saddening to hear you got those vibes from me. 

It truly is a shame that you not roleplaying anything in a situation resulted in these feelings towards me. If you like, you can PM me on discord (Silky#5869) and we can discuss ways in which both sides could have played this out better.

Kind Regards, MrSilky.

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Hello and thanks for making this report.

Do you have any further evidence to provide like a video? So I can see what actually went on?

Yes Silky should not have denied the report and "remain IC" as a player is instructed to report and continue RP until a member of staff accepts and arrives at the scene.

I will respond once a video is provided if any at all thanks.

Kind Regards

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Alright i will conclude this report, Without evidence i have to go from the screenshots and your messages.

I have spoken with some PD members and another member of staff, This is poor roleplay by all parties involved il explain why, Placing a barricade that is unable to be knocked down is
unrealistic and could be issued a non-RP offence for such action in the future. The way the area is surrounded by armed police and you approaching to try and retrieve the vehicle when it isn't yours, As you said "tried to steal my friends car" trying to steal a primary suspects vehicle in front of many police officers is also an unrealistic action .

I also dont see anyway that @Larry Wrzosek would have been able to roleplay moving the barrier or anything other without being surrounded and arrested instantly.

Take this as a warning for placing the barrier to block the vehicle in @MrSilky Please use the blue barrier that can be knocked down should you be in a situation like this in the future.

May i also remind you to remain completely in IC and not head into OOC conversations unless an admin is on scene and is pausing the roleplay.

Kind Regards

Should you have any questions regarding my decision feel free to send me a message on discord, Dwayne Smith#1557

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