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Player(s) being reported: ID 6
Date of interaction reported: 26-9-2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1569516574

Your characters name: Maria Papadopoulou

Other player(s) involved: Jabar Williams & Jonathan Anderson

Specific rule(s) broken:


5.4.1 No Crime Zones


No crime zones are areas on the map which are against the rules to initiate crimes at even with an in-
character reason to do so. This means that while in these areas, you must obey the law and not commit

obvious crimes as it would be unrealistic to commit crimes here due to heavy security / surveillance

presence. Exceptions to this rule can be previously scheduled and discussed with Senior Administrator or
Head Administrator as a planned server event.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

So me and my friends where joking around if we could fit one of us in the trunk of my car, while doing so we had the car unlocked and the doors opened. This should be fine as it's an NCZ and no one should steal your car here. Well that's not true because ID 6 did, while he drove away he kinda knocked us over which is fine I don't mind that. Then later one of us caught up to him and demanded him to stop which he didn't, instead he got out the car and tried to steal the car of Jabar Williams and after telling him multiple times not to get in his car he shot ID 6. Then ID 6 proceeded to mix IC and OOC chat, and yes he's a new player and I don't have the evidence so I hope he reads this report and will go and the read the rules once more. 

Evidence of rule breach:


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Hello, and thank you for making this player report! @Mariaaaa

Player Johnny_Sin will receive 24 hours to provide his side of the story and explain the reasoning for his actions which can be seen in the provided evidence above. Why did you steal the vehicle of the reporting party all while being situated inside a No Crime Zone? As the reported party does not have a forum account, he will be notified of this report in-game.

Kind regards,


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Hello and thank you for remaining patient! As more than enough time has passed for the reported party to respond with their side of the story and explain the reasoning for their actions, i have decided to conclude this report based on the provided evidence and statement given to me by the reporting party.

Player Johnny_Ronaldo (Formerly known as Johnny_Sin) will receive a Non-Roleplay punishment for breaching the No Crime Zone rules | Offense #1.

First and foremost, i would like to address the punishment of Non-Roleplay and the reasoning behind it. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that you approach the vehicle of the reporting party, which at the time was unlocked, before unlawfully entering it and driving away all while you were situated inside a No Crime Zone. This goes without saying as the rulebreak is incredibly blatant in this situation, but the issue that arises with this situation is that your actions are not in accordance with our rules. By unlawfully stealing the property of another player all while being situated inside a No Crime Zone, you are commiting a crime. As the name suggests and as is outlined in the rulebook, no actions that even come close to being classified as a crime may be done while you are in a No Crime Zone and therefore you are in violation of the rules.

Secondly, i understand and acknowledge that you are a new player and as such you are still acclimating and familiarizing yourself with the server and its rules, which may explain the lack of knowledge surrounding our No Crime Zone rules. This does not however mean you are immune to the server rules, as it is ultimately your responsibility the moment you begin playing on this server to ensure that you are knowledgeable enough of the rules to follow them in order to make the roleplaying experience of yourself and others a pleasant one. It is incredibly important to remember that as players of Eclipse Roleplay, we have to strive to provide the highest quality of roleplay to every player that we encounter, and make sure that every encounter is within the confines of the server rules. I sincerely hope that the following punishment you receive will be an opportunity for you to reflect on your actions, read up on the rules and ensure that when moving forward this is not repeated.

Thank you for making this report! @Mariaaaa

Report is accepted and archived.

Kind regards,


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