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KianAhmadi - Miguel Costa (Punishment Appeal )

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Account name: KianAhmadi

Character name(s): Miguel Costa     


Admin who issued punishment:  Aldari_Tagril

Date of punishment: 9/22/2019

Punishment received:25Min Jail


Reason given for punishment: Non-RP #3 | Combat Logging



Your explanation of what happened:

The police arrested me for possessing a firearm without a license and we were moving to jail. And my game crashed. I tried to get back into the game a few times and continue to play the role, but I couldn't. At Discord I tried to tell the rest and did but it didn't work. Error was “unable to launch the game .  please verify your game data .



Why should your appeal be accepted?
Because I believe this punishment is completely false. I have done nothing against the rules and I know all the rules and I respect the server rules. Crashing the game is not my fault and as you all know during game updates these crashes and game problems have increased.




Post any evidence or further details:





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