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West Coast Assassins

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Congratulations on official WCA, well earned, look forward to RPing with you guys again!

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It was an usually day for WCA as they were robbing stores. Everything was going great until cops showed up and ruined everything. Lamar and 3 other members were being chased by a bunch of police cruisers, swat truck and a police helicopter. Somehow Lamar managed to drop off the other 3 members and escaped most of the cops, there was only a police bike chasing Lamar. He called for backup and Tyrese accepted his call. Lamar abondoned his car and quickly got on Tyrese's hakouchu drag. After that Tyrese and Lamar were laying low, hiding from cops by going in the waters. Then they got a call saying that The Vagos gang is attacking the motel, they quickly got on another hakouchu drag and went straight to motel and succesfully defended the motel. It wasn't long until cops showed up, everyone had to split up and Lamar once again went straight to the waters and escaped the cops again. In the end no one got in trouble and everyone was safe.



The next day WCA decided to put an end to The Vagos gang by making a final ambush for them which went all according to the plan. After the ambush The Vagos gang was nowhere to be seen ever again.


Wanting to celebrate WCA decided to go to the strip club in Paleto Bay. What Lamar didn't expect is that he is going to see an old friend, Albino from The Russian Mafia. Albino went his own ways and joined the Mexicans after his vacation. They had a little chat and Lamar was happy that there were still some members left in Los Santos from the Russian Mafia. After the chat Lamar and his other WCA friends went into the strip club and had great fun by dancing and getting drunk.




(( TIMESTAMP for lazy people BUT i suggest watching the full video cuz theres a sick music in the backround. ))

((0:00-1:00 Lamar and Tyrese hiding from the cops))

((1:00-1:22 Lamar succesfully defending the motel and escaping the cops))

((1:24-2:00 ambushing The Vagos gang))

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