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unban Apeal [Marco Black]

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Account name: marco11
Character name(s): marco black

Admin who issued punishment: redhot
Date of punishment: 2019-08-15
Punishment received: Permanent ban

Reason given for punishment: Macroing 

Your explanatin of what happened: 

I was at the chopshop trying to chop a simple car , suddenly i see a cops , some how he cuff me and send me to the jail for 15000 second , just for one chopshop he put me in jail 
for 15000 second, i want to be so honest because i rather to get killed with honestily to get killed with lies ,well , i'm sick , i have pumping blood problem in my heart 
so i should eat some pills like propanol and metropenanol at the single time , i was alone in the house. and i was out of stock of pills , and fortunately the pharmeasy is near to our house
so i ask from one of my friend to if he know some app to move around for like 5 min , and he gave me one app and i could move around. 
i just set the app for like 10 min and left the house to buy my pills "also 5000 second of that jail time passed"
i just bought the pills and i just start to running to house (even with that heart problem) because i love eclipse more than my heart, Cause Gaming in Eclipse is The Only Thing That i Have In This life  Even Admin @Bakmeel Knows me We Talk About My Heart Problem With Him one Day At Chiliad Mountain.
i just came to my room and i saw one admin in beside me , i was typying to the admin and suddenly i get ban.

p.n : please i want to know is this acceptable to put one player in jail for 15k second because of one choping one car? 
about my criminal i was clean i didn't had any wanted for example.
i Really would like to know this.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:

you don't know how i get regret to doing that thing, i cannot even forgive myself. i was happy with playing is server , after i get ban my heart problem get worst 
i dont want to say these things to make you feel sorry for me , no . i accept my mistake even for 10 min . i know you are even thining that im using this for all the long
but i saying the truth , usually i dont sweer , this time i must say i sweer Cause This serevr is So important For Me Eve more Than My Life ,i dont use this app before this.  i just wanna spend my time in this server , please I need forgiveness from you guys.
all of us are human , i had so many plan in my head for playing in the server like buying house , buying vip . but all of them is in the sky now.

Post any evidence or further details: My Only  evidence  Is The Mercyful GOD :] 

Best Regards 

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