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Felix Chan (punishment Appeal)

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Account Name: Diquei

Character name(s): Felix Chan

Admin who issued punishment: @Rodiz

Date of punishment: 12.09.2019

Punishment received: [VDM] - [Offense #1]

Reason given for punishment:

[After reviewing the evidence and taking your statements into account I still judge this as a VDM.


Your explanation of what happened:

 Well here's my side of the story, i was going to the High End market to check some cars, and when i arrived i saw there was a lot of people and  most of them were dressed in yellow, and  when i realized there were people being robbed and that a gun shootout was about to "possibly" start, i panicked and tried to run away from there, of course maybe i should^ve turned another direction, but in moments of panic you don't always make the best decisions.

(1st image ( dude pointing a gun, and black car behind me) https://imgur.com/undefinedImage1

In the process of running away from the place i ran over this player. (note that in my eyes i didn't touch him (D synced), but i did saw his body falling and wasn't sure if he was injured or not)...unfortunately i don't have a record of that....I do although have a screenshot from the video above, where when i hit him, you can see my character's arms driving away from him to avoid contact Image2

Like a told the player in game, i didn't meant to hit or kill him, just to escape for my own safety, and my suspicions were right, because a massive shootout started and that's why the cops came.

So i don't consider this a VDM, because i never intended to hurt him, i just ran for my life.

If the admins still have questions i am here to answer, otherwise i won't be commenting anymore and I'll be waiting for the judgement.

Thank you.


Why should your appeal be accepted?:

As i mentioned in my defense, i never intended to hit the victim, when i arrived on High End there was a lot going on, a lot of people running everywhere ,cars(mainly the black car behind me) , conflicts starting etc.


It is clear that @Noti was being targeted as you turn to enter the close passage, perfectly hitting him.

Making me disagree with this argument , since the victim is a complete stranger to me, and so is the person being robbed, so why would i be targeting him?

While turning, i kinda stopped my car to see what was happening around me and when i saw things getting heated thats when i decided (panic) that i needed to get out of there, so i accelerated and when i saw the victim i tried to avoid him (and as i mentioned in my defense, in my eyes i did not directly hit him, but i did saw him falling apart  (D'Sync).

It's not like i've been targeting the player since i arrived at the High End, there was a lot going on there, and one thing is analyzing a small video clip and deciding what you should or not do, other is to be there and experience the moment.



"Panicking" is therefore invalid and I would strongly recommend you find better RP reasons in the future before ramming someone to death.]

Since i never intended to ram the victim or other people ,i shouldn't need to find reasons to justify what was an accident, i had nothing to gain from ramming him or whoever was there.

People get rammed all the time by accident and this is another example.

Post any evidence or further details:

I don't have video evidence unfortunately, since the beginning im trying to explain it was an accident, i agree i should've apologized to the player right after seeing him falling, but i wasn't sure if he was down or not and at the same time his friend started shooting at me. (and everything went so fast i didn't even notice his ID number)

I understand that the footage can tell you a different story, but i think i gave enough details to be given the benefit of the doubt, and feel bad because im telling the truth.

I searched the forum for cases of VDM and found this one:

If this player who didn't even bother to defend himself  was given the benefit of the doubt, i think i should be given the same treatment.

Thank you for your time

Best regards.



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Hi and thank you for submitting a punishment appeal.

I listened to you in the complaint but the evidence proves your statements otherwise. There was no on going shootout prior, giving your character any sort of reason to panic and ram someone to death. Linking other complaints is not necessary as we take care of breach of rules based on situation and conditions. I was very clear in my reply why the other complaint was closed.

I personally think the punishment should stay and would advice you to be careful with attacking players without a proper RP reason whether it be an accident or not. Also keep in mind that your own point of view is good to submit for us to see whether it was desync or not. Simply just stating desync is not enough. The attacking party is required by the DM rule to display their side when a complaint/investigation is active.

Pending a Senior Administrator+.

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I could believe it was an accident if you were already facing him. However in the video in the report, you do a very tight U turn that is more effort than driving around the row of vehicles. Without your point of view it is very difficult to come to a conclusion of desync or panic. 

From his video it does not look like a desync hit. Again, you also do a very tight hook turn that is more effort than continuing on around where you would be further away from the gunman. This leaves me under the impression it was on purpose.

Appeal Denied

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