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[Transfer Request] Chris Vincent > Kenneth Wong

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Character to Transfer From: Chris Vincent
Character to Transfer To: Kenneth Wong

Requested Transfer:


Reason for Transfer:

Chris Vincent had owned a radio station called 102.3 Eclipse Radio in Los Santos. After a fruitful discussion with the CEO of Weazel News, Seth Blackwood, Mr. Vincent had graciously accepted an offer on his company and have his radio station join forces with Weazel News. They now operate as a proud division of Weazel today. As Chris is getting much older in age, he had selected his top Entourage Crew Member and Promoter, Kenneth Wong, to take over future operations of the radio, as Weazel News' General Manager of Radio. To assist with the startup of this new division, Chris is sharing a portion of his profit with Kenneth, to help build the future of his past station. He is looking forward to seeing Kenneth take this to new heights and work alongside a great team for exciting future collaborations to come. Here's to a new family and to the success of Weazel!

(( OOC is essentially the IC story - I would like to transfer $300,000 to help build the Weazel News HQ to have a Radio Station area for future live broadcasts, podcasts, meetings and great role play. ))

How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved?

I have arranged to meet with Kenneth's current management team who will ensure a safe transfer of funds


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Thank you for posting this transfer request.

After reviewing your transfer request and the reason for it, I've decided to approve a transfer of the following item(s) to Kenneth Wong from Chris Vincent.

  • 300.000$

It is your responsibility to make this transfer happen and staff will not be interfering or assisting with the transfer. I also recommend that you do not make attempts to transfer any asset(s) outside of the approved asset(s) listed above, the transfer will be monitored through server logs.

You are also not allowed to post a transfer request for another 14 days from this post. If you attempt to request a transfer prior to this deadline you will be muted from our forums temporarily. 


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