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This faction thread is completely Out Of Character (OOC). Absolutely no information gathered here can be used In Character (IC).


Weazel News, or otherwise known as Weazel Network is the leading provider of the day-to-day news and advertisements within the country of America. With departments in Liberty City and Los Santos, they have built themselves a strong network of customers and followers. Weazel News is a company that keeps growing and is trying to take over all the media aspects in both cities, and they will continue to do so. Weazel News is easily reached with a quick phone call on your mobile phone (( /newsagency )). If you need to showcase something or you want to get rid of your properties, just make that quick call!


Weazel News originally was founded in Liberty City back in 2005. After rapid success in Liberty City, the Weazel Network tried to expand across all of America. Their plan went successful and their second headquarters was founded here in Los Santos in 2013.  Their start was rough with many different managements trying to make it work. Yet, they found out that they were trying to achieve too much at the same time. They decided to focus more on Weazel News instead of the Weazel Network. This decision seemed to be a good one since the business started exploding. Different companies started to use this new kind of advertisement and decided to get contracted with Weazel. Lately, Weazel News has been trying to extend again and get their Network back running. 



Weazel News specializes in three main services:

Blips: Whenever a new business is started, they would love people to find them. Weazel News offers this option by uploading a pinned location to people's GPSes. Research has proven that this increased sales by at least 100%.

Adverts: Weazel News is the only and thus leading company in advertisements. Weazel News has the resources to broadcast advertisements on people's phones. Next to that they also have different other ways to advertise people's products. 

Reports: The Weazel Newspaper and Magazine are places where people can tell their stories. Weazel News is equipped with cameras and microphones so that every story can be heard. These stories have a chance to be published on paper or on our website. 


As of September 9th, Weazel News has taken over the new and upcoming radio station 'Eclipse Radio 102.3'. Weazel News command saw a lot of potential in this new radio station and are currently working to make this radio station a success. This will be a source of good music, advertisements, podcasts and much more. Stay tuned to hear more! https://bit.ly/2myTHIS





The Rumpo is the most driven and most recognizable car within the Weazel fleet. This car is the starting car for any interns and is big enough for all the equipment needed to do a good report and/or advertisement. 


Whenever someone needs help off-road the Rancher XL will be put into action. This car is able to help you when you are on the roughest and hard places to come. 

Weazel News management will be driving the beautiful and elegant Oracle XS. 



In order to apply for a position in Weazel News, you must complete the following steps:

1. Read and understand the Weazel News Employee Handbook.

2. Have at least 6,000 experience points on the character you’re applying on.

3. Fill out the employment application by clicking here.

4. Create a topic in our Weazel News Recruitment Section with this title format: [Application] First Name, Last Name

5. Await response from a member of our Management Team.





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