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Report of staff member

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Player(s) being reported: RedHot
Date of interaction reported: 05.09.2019 about 21:00-23:00 (GMT+2)
Unix time stamp from HUD: I dont rember, but can be check in logs
Your characters name: Hassan Albaher

Other player(s) involved: 

Specific rule(s) broken: 
Abuse of power
How did the player break the rule(s)?

RedHot tped me by mistake which I had not problem at the time, people make mistakes. What got me angry is that he ignored the situation after I called him out in /report and discord, which can be confirmed by the logs. I tried multiple times to ask in /report if I could be tped back, and after RedHot denied my first report, I kept sending them cause I wanted to get tped back. After like 5min and send in more reports becuase I want to get tped back to where I was. I get kicked multiple times for spamming reports regarding "allegedly spam of reports" when I was asking to get tped back and to talk to RedHot. I get so frustrated that I am asking to "get banned" because I am getting in trouble for RedHot tping the wrong person.

Evidence of rule breach:

If admins could take the time to check the logs that would be great as my amd recording program is bugged. And if you check the logs you can see that RedHot denied my first asking him nicely to tp me back.

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I got punished by getting kicked multiply time for "spamming reports" and by getting 25min in jail, for RedHot makeing a mistake and not being a man about it. I got tped to some random place, and since I was out of gas he told me somthing along the lines of "use your brain you are closer to a shop now" when I was behind a shop in the first place waiting for  mechanic. 

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I arrived at the situation when it was brought to me attention that you were spamming reports, you were rude and aggressive. You oocly harassed @RedHotby calling him names and was justifiably banned on discord for it. You never once tried a calm logical approach. You then asked to be punished and banned. I told you multiple times to stop making reports. You decided to ignore my instructions so I jailed you for 25 minutes. As soon as you were jailed you opened a report and repeated the same thing. At that point one of the staff members kicked you too Quiz because you began asking to be banned etc. 

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I did TP you by accident yes, for the reason you were spamming reports over the report i was handling and i accidentally used your ID, you was then abusive and disruptive, you was TP'd near a shop so you could get a gas can for your vehicle anyway. On top of all this you was also reporting an IC thing so if anything i did you a favour. you then went on Discord calling me all the names under the sun which in turn had others ping me to show me how disruptive and rude you was being, I then Banned you.

Upon being banned you then spammed reports in game over and over again, then you was kicked by other staff members for these actions. Again returning spamming reports with just ban me etc. You was lucky not to get banned for your actions.

If you spoke normally and wasn't so rude and disruptive im sure we could have sorted things out however you took the path you took.


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I am putting my two cents here due the fact this occurred while I was taking numerous reports in-game. You did spam nearly twenty reports, many of them saying, "You're not going to be a man then Redhot," and so forth. I eventually took one of your reports and tried to talk to you, I was greeted with hostility and you not wanting to explain the situation to me. When I told you Redhot was busy (because he was) you just said, "Goodbye" and I told you, "Have a great day!" Even amongst all this, you then IMMEDIATELY put in a new report saying, "Just ban me." We stopped taking your reports due to Moderator Mickeyyy being right next to you and trying to calm you down. Numerous times you asked to be banned and as far as I am aware, still can't play in-game which leads me to our current rule system of 'We do not accept reports from banned members of the community or those who do not have an accessible in-game account.

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Hello and thank you for the report. 


Accidents happen with commands.

I've read through the logs and a normal moderator/admin cannot possibly do what you were asking him to do to fix it. If you are being told to stop spamming reports, it is not to blame you nor to leave it unresolved. It is so the report can sit and be answered after the ones already made, to wait your turn and not fill our chat with spam for the same issue. If you had left the report open to be handled by a more senior member with the ability to access the command needed to resolve your issue, then there would be no problem. Or if there was no Senior member, then I'm sure someone would have answered and came to a solution you found sufficient to cover the mistake. 

If you are getting heated about a mistake, next time I suggest you leave the game to cool off and return later. 

You are also only banned on discord, not in game. You were kicked back to the quiz in game and will need to re-do the quiz to play on the server again. I suggest if you wish to rejoin our community you come back with a more calm mind in response to a simple mistake and not spam reports over and over again demanding attention. Discord ban will not be removed until you appeal it. 


I see no abuse of power. I see a mistake which turned into multiple staff members, not just the one you reported, kicking you and telling you to calm down and to stop spamming reports. 


Report Denied. 



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