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James "Jim" Calhoun Fyfe

Scotsman Seeking... Employment

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You may or may not have noticed a red-haired bearded man walking about Los Santos lately, possibly speaking in a thick Scottish brouge and going by the name of JamesFyfe. If you've no idea what he was saying, no surprise there, few people do unless they ask him to repeat himself slowly. At any rate he's looking for a job, having recently purchased a lovely 4-door sedan after hours of work stocking ATMs across the city. He'd far prefer something that engages his brain a bit more, or something even remotely exciting, preferably making use of his fresh set of wheels. Ideally honest work is best... but he's pretty desperate to make enough cash to buy himself an apartment to avoid that pesky parking fee over at the public lot. He's started posting up papers on lightposts and powerpoles through the city, hoping to get some response on his cell. #413-9869

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