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Deathmatch (DM) ID 153 - 143 - 215 - 95

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Player(s) being reported: Player ID 153 - 143 - 215 - 95
Date of interaction reported: 9/3/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1567546407

Your characters name: Zate Feto

Other player(s) involved: Wolfgang Weis

Specific rule(s) broken:

14. Deathmatch (DM) 

● Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

1. We were at the drug lab with a random acquaintance i was watching out the place outside while my friend was cooking

The accused guys didnt say a word or shout or even voice chat before shooting

They did not even aim guns at us.

I already had my gun out and was ready to defend myself against any threats

Evidence of rule breach:




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Clearly all of you were together, no one of you decided to even use "shout" to decide if you were going to use guns or not? clearly it seems like you had it planned that you were going to shoot us, "At least RP it"

Kindest regards

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Hello I'm ID95 / Bruce_Wong 

First off me and my gang had been scouting you out and were planning to hit you, hence the large spread of people.

ID 153 / Pete_Wright / @Pistol Pete / and myself were hiding behind the hut waiting to move in, Pete then moves in and you aim at him - giving him reason to shoot you.

After hearing the shots I run in from the back  and shoot the 3 of you down, seeing that Pete was injured.

I'd also like to add that you have cut you clip to trim out you and your buddy call police straight away after being gunned down and surrounded which breaches FearRP.

Here is my PoV of the shootout:

I would also like to point out that ID162 and ID219 return to the scene straight after their death breaching NLR. Below is the footage of this:

Edit: I can provide longer footage of before the shootout that shows us setting up after the group aimed at our member if required. 

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Thanks for pointing out your POV, My friend was stated above, i hope you have read my lines carefully so you don't get mixed up further more.

no reason for reporting 2 other guys that has nothing to do with my report, you should put that in another topic since this topic has nothing to do with it.


You also just admitted that you were planning to hit us "the guy above you in the comment section didn't say that you were planning to hit us"

anyways .. it still is DM and your friend that i killed broke FearRP in that case.


Lets wait and see what admin's has to say about this.


P.S : "i know i'm new in the game but damn you guys surely know how to welcome new faces" 'sike'

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I'm ID 153 and I shall refute your claims. However, the report shall not go to waste as it's a perfect opportunity to bring light to your questionable actions on the server.


Addressing the report

1 hour ago, zatefeto said:

The accused guys didnt say a word or shout or even voice chat before shooting

This does not constitute a violation of the DM rule. Aiming weaponry at someone is considered a hostile action (excluding PD) and therefore allows me to shoot you. 

The same logic here would apply to the other accused players. They're entitled to shoot you if you have me at gunpoint and especially when you start shooting me.

49 minutes ago, zatefeto said:

your friend that i killed broke FearRP in that case

This does not constitute a violation of the FRP rule. The clause that protects me here is:


Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked.

Furthermore, you aim at my ally (ID 143) at the beginning of this scenario:


Reporter's questionable activity

The reporter streams and saves their VODs. Their Twitch channel is available here. If you watch some of the VODs, you'll quickly notice lots of rule breaks.

1. Metagaming through /pm -

2. FRP, calling 911 during a ongoing gunfight when there's people with heavy weaponry only metres away:

3. Breaching NLR and mixing with ID 212 / Wolfgang Weis, "in a dream..." "the gods":

4. Metagaming with viewer, ID 112 / Darko Kocic / "DAREEEEEEEEE" (Twitch username):


5. Breaching NLR (again), you returned to the scene of the scenario you're making a report for within 30 minutes of death and even had the audacity to call the cops:

6. More metagaming with ID 112, this time via /pm:

This is from flicking through a single VOD. There's probably much more on his other ones but I have better things to be doing!

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"This is from flicking through a single VOD. There's probably much more on his other ones but I have better things to be doing!" 

The only thing i see you trying hard at is getting me banned.


Even if i did Pm some one about something i would still ask him IC to do that thing.


Don't forget to get all your friends to react to my comment with the "scoop de poop" emoji's

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To the staff reviewing this report, the reporter has now made their VODs only available to subscribers of their Twitch channel. The clips have also disappeared. Coincidence? I think not!

Fortunately, I suspected this would happen so I have the VOD and clips saved locally:


The initial evidence supplied by the reporter is now gone so maybe the report will be closed. Please let me know if I should make a seperate report or continue on this thread with the evidence against @zatefeto.

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Honestly i always have my Vods available for subscribers only and i only switched the privacy so that my video would be available for people to see in this topic, "i have a few viewers that can testify with that if needed and my channel stats is always available, i know you would download all the videos, i just had to ban the user "0000eggtacular" from my channel "must be you.. just want to keep you out of my stream since you will probably camp my stream and try to clip any small thing i do to build up a case against me, i also know that banning your username in twitch means nothing/is useless since there are other friends of yours that can help you do that or you can simply create another new user and still get access, even more better, you can "SUB" to my channel and get access to all my previous videos to build up a strong case but hey. Feel free to do what ever you want.


Yet again, if you use usually these scare tactics to make someone yield in your previous gaming period on "Eclipse RP", i'm not gonna back down, i'll accept my punishment "hopefully i'll not get a perma ban"


"Always nice to see tons of people in server breaking rules, but if some new face/unknown face/new in server face reports us" then lets make him rage quit.


I my self didn't report 8 previous DM/PG/FearRP cases, i dmed a couple of helpers/supporters on discord just to check if it's worth it or not. but i guess not all people are the same, Which im totally cool with because we are what we are.


Anyways feel free to do what ever you want. "also hope you don't grow a volcanic sized hatred towards me and kill me on sight in game because so far 90% of the server are mixing ooc/ic in an emotional way".


Edit: I starting my stream now just in case you would like to streamsnipe or clip if i use /pm's, feel free to come 😄

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I Would like the admins to archive this report since i don't really feel like reporting any more.

If the defending party would like to report me in a separate topic they can feel free too.

I just noticed how much reports are being created and this specific report of mine is child's play compared to others.


Cheers every one and may you have fun in los santos 😄

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