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Got scammed out of a car through OOC

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So I was at the bank with my Shafter V12 and some guy shows up in a nice green Elegy Retro Custom. Dude right away asks me if I wanna buy his car but I tell him I have no money, but I was planning on selling my car soon to get a Retro so I figured I would offer to trade. He accepted and told me that first I would send the keys, then he would send his keys, and then I would pay him the rest of the money last. Concerned I told him I was sketched out by it and he tells me in OOC, "You can't scam in NCZ". So I figured that was the case. Sent him my car through /transfervehicle and he made sure he could lock and unlock the car before he drove off. Currently he keeps coming to the bank with my car using the same tactics on other players. Note: the screenshots only contain the chat and none of these other players are associated.unknown.pngunknown.png

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