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The End of the World?

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We can only hope. Over the past couple of days, you might've seen this happen at the bank. Someone takes their salary out from the bank, walks out to simply drive home but all of a sudden their brand new Warraner gets lobbed 40 feet in the air. Now, there are many conspiracy theories surrounding this however we received an official statement that what is happening is due to Electromagnetic Interference from a new substation recently built at Palmer's Power Station. An engineer got back to us and told us that any car engines immediately turned on after allowing them to cool down should be aware that there is a very odd chance it might interfere with current electromagnetic pulses being emmitted from a faulty power line.


Unfortunately, sometimes the damage caused is too much. There has been numerous reported fatalities on the basis of people being injured by flying vehicles. One man was reportedly decapitated yesterday by a door that had been ripped off an Enus Super Diamond. We are working with the victims families at this moment in time. Has 2012 come 7 years later, or is it a one off technical hitch that has claimed several innocent lives?

We received an initial statement from Mors Mutual Insurance situated in downtown Los Santos;

"We have been performing 24 hour shifts over the past couple of days to process all of these claims. It has been rigorous. Something needs to happen as we can't go on as a business with this round the clock behaviour."



We spoke to Carlos Palmer-Taylor, Chief of Operations of Palmer-Taylor Energy Plants, and he gave us the following statement.

"We are working hard to correct our errors, around the clock. We take full responsibility for any damage incurred to your vehicle and/or properties. We are sorry once again."


Carlos Palmer Taylor, Chief of Operations of Palmer-Taylor Energy Plants

So tell us, have you had a flying warraner hit you? Have you been smacked by a propelled money truck? Call us and let us know, and you could possibly be featured in our next news article.

This has been a report scripted and published by Rory Muzzafetto, Weazel News.

((Use /newsagency to submit an ad request. We are happy to respond to any rp situations requiring coverage.))

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