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Scripted Character Kill System

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This topic has been covered a million and one times and seems to continuously be swept under the rug.

What I propose is that a functional scripted system be implemented to allow players to properly CK themselves.

This will be done by the following:
Add an option to the F5/F6 menu that allows players to "Kill their character" - Once the option is selected the player must write "confirm" in a dialogue box to proceed.

Doing so would lock the current character slot along with all assets. - This will then only accessible by admins, afterwards a new slot will be auto added for their fresh character to be made.

Current Issue:
Character kills have always been abused as a way to avoid IC punishments for actions taken on that character, whilst still retaining all assets and indirectly IC info such as known aliases and phone numbers.

With the implementation of the transfer request system, this allows players a way to properly provide and make public the knowledge of their CK when requesting to move assets from the locked character to the new one if this is desired. Whilst also implementing consequences of CK'ing due to the transfer limitations and loss of all retained information/aliases etc on that character, as of which there are currently none.

*Edit* - Items purchased with credits should be auto transferred to the new slot / made bind on account.

Relevant suggestions on this topic:


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I really think we need better CK system, like if you kill someone they ask for death rp and after 30 minutes they will be calling you an idiot icly and you have just pretend that he never died? 
Atleast for me it makes no sense and it's just a way to evade punishment.

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Character Kills

Don't get me wrong these are useful in the sense of improving roleplay, developing an interesting story line for gangs and factions alike, but a growing issue comes when these actions are not role-played out. The rise of players lets say for example, scamming a player and instantly CKing as a method to avoid the punishments of their IC actions is grotesque to say the least. An becoming an alarming issue to say the least. I'm someone who has personally CK'd about 4-5 times, each time carrying a story and involvement with gangs and factions alike. Though it's poor roleplay to me to for a character to simply say "I killed myself" and expect a reasonable safety net from previous actions. 


Improvements requested: 


A player can not simply "kill themselves" as that is poor roleplay in general. If we must FEAR for our life, and not perform suicide actions as it's considered Non-rp, why would this be treated any differently. Or at the least in the event a player can't simply CK immediately from actions like scamming someone of their assets and money. 


Don't get me wrong, this to me would make me never wish to allow CK which can greatly help the story of a gang or faction. Though it should work much like a transfer request where if you wish to CK you must develop your character's new story towards how they would retain these properties and impose a limit on how much can be retained. (Not including vehicles)


I think like anything we do from not having a phone to not have a ID on us must have RP backing where your death can be viewed and verified to ensure there was some level of build up and design to the down fall of your character. 


If you have any suggestions to include to this, feel free to post it!

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3 hours ago, Tezhl said:

(Not including vehicles)

I disagree with vehicles not being included, as this would punish those people who have decided to invest into their vehicles rather than other assets.

Just for an example, if you have two people each with a total asset amount of 50k who have spent their cash on a single asset, the first of which owns a 50k house and second owns a 50k vehicle. Why should the first person be able to keep house but the second wouldn't be allowed to keep their vehicle if they both present a good backstory to keep them.

Prohibiting a type of asset from being transferred only punishes those people who preferred to invest in that type of asset over other things.

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