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An Ode to you, Nicholas Harm.

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An Ode to you, Nicholas Harm. Rest in peace.



Following the recent death of Nicholas Harm, Los Santos really hasn’t been the same place. You might know and remember Nicholas Harm for his phenomenal character, someone we all equally loved and embraced. His quirky one liners and his charismatic personality was something you’d get used to. He often came out with the iconic punchline “Should’ve stayed out of Harm’s way.’ 

We met up with the Los Zetas, at Los Zantos 24/7 behind bank, where we assembled for a ride down memory lane. We saddled up and did a circuit around Vinewood Hills, where we congregated at the big brass gates of the cemetery. Emotions ran high, memories were shared and tears were shedded. People dropped contributions to his grave, including his iconic fishing rod. 


We pointed towards the heavens, where Nicholas now resides, in hopes he would be smiling down upon us all.

His personality resounded throughout the hearts of his friends, family and basically everyone who ever met him. He was one of the most caring, down to earth people I have ever had the experience and pleasure of knowing. He was also one of Los Santos’ top fisherman. Damn, did he know how to fish & definitely knew all of the tips of the trade.


Ever since he left there’s essentially been a void in all of us. We miss you Harm. We miss your cheeky, personable laugh and your unique sense of humour. We all love you. Rest in peace forevermore. We hope you’re up there riding with the best of them.

This, Harm, is an ode to you brother. Los Santos will ALWAYS remember you. We will carry your memory until the end of time, and hopefully, we will meet again when our time is right.


Rory Muzzafetto, Senior Reporter, Weazel News


(( If anyone would like to help his family during this hard time https://www.gofundme.com/support-for-ash-with-dilligafs-funeral-cost ))

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