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The Russian Mafia

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"You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone"








The Russian Mafia formed after the fall of the Petrovic Family, when Kenny Petrovic was killed in a drive-by shooting orchestrated by the Liberty City branch of the Albanian Mob. Said event caused the organisation’s hold on the city to weaken. Igor, Kenny's cousin was forced to move out of Liberty City due to the dangers that his family was exposed to. He was a very rich man and so he moved all the way to Los Santos precise. There he carried on with his life in a large mansion atop Vinewood’s hills and enjoyed the benefits of an "early retirement”.
This however was bound to change as the Albanian Mob managed able to track down Igor's son via social media and in doing so they’ve found Igor's house. They ruthlessly robbed and murdered his family. Igor was enraged. He reached out to some of his older friends for help. First, Artyom who had recently escaped  prison and was looking for a new identity. He vowed that he would get him a new life if they got revenge. And so they started working immediately, Artyom took command.
They began to establish relations with other criminals and commenced the formation of what was to become a formidable crew.They were able to take Albanians within Los Santos down within a matter of months and became addicted to the power consequently. They wanted to be more than just a small-time gang and so, they began the expansion, seeking to one day control of the city. The two brokered deals with the Triads and the Zetas, agreements which benefit both sides. 
Some other groups attempted to undo the Mafia but, be it through fate or active repression, managed little to nothing. Some are still present and
in somewhat good terms with the family whilst others lack a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of.








The ranking structure of the Russian Mafia:


(The Boss)

Under boss

(The Godfather's right hand men)

Theif In Law-Arbiter-Collector

(These ranks have certain roles, Theif in law controls crime, Arbiter controls negotiations and legal business and Collector collecting taxes)


(Members who shown to true dedication to the Mafia)


(Members who are capable of leading the Mafia and helping to organise crime)



(Members who have shown loyalty to the Mafia)


(New members to the Mafia)








The Russian Mafia all wear speccialy tailord suits which are hand sewn and crafted to fit the users shape.

Each suit is almost identical with the only difference being sizes.

Each suit has pockets inside and out with a red undershirt to accompany it.

Each member wears the same suit to represent their loyalty to the Mafia as well as to confuse police due to it making it harder to identify who everyone is.

As well as this Mafia vehicles are also white as well each member carrying a Skull mask to be worn during not so legal activities.



Skull mask--->White Suit--->Red Undershirt--->White Pants--->Shoes








The Russian Mafia has numerous plans within Los Santos Such as:

Purchase Legal Business

Form relationships with other gangs

Gain access to heavy weapons

Gain some turf

Reach a large number of members

Obtain a nightclub

Protect the farms in order to make money, potentially taking control








IC Rules

  • All Members of the Russian Mafia Need to follow all the rules set out by Russian Mafia.


  • Respect the Russian of commmand within the organisation.


  • Any issues will be resolved and reported to leaders.


  • All the members should have the mafia style and change the color of their cars.


  • Do not discuss the business or problems of the mafia with the outsiders.


  • Respect every resident of the city as long as it respects you!


  • No one disparages another Member, a case similar to that will be passed on to leaders and probably that person will be immediately removed.


  • Don't forget all of us family and have to look after each other because no one will do it for us!


OOC Rules

  • Vert Important to follow all ECRP server rules , Failure to comply will result in removal from the organization.


  • Another very important thing : Activity , Inactive members will be removed unless they notify a higher up.


  • Always maintain a high standard of Roleplay.


  • Act mature and treat all members with respect at all times.


  • Have a minimum of 10K Experience on at least one character.


  • All staff punishments must be explained to the organisation.


  • All members must meet a minimum play time of 7 hours per week.








In order to Join the Russian Mafia you must get in contact with us IC and prove yourself to a Captain+. You must be loyal,respectful and more importantly ready to put your life on the line for your brothers and sisters. Finnaly, you must have been in the town for at least 7 months (7000 XP).



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