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Rory & Aminn on Gangs: The Wanted

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We’re talking cars, we’re talking high octane racing, we’re talking a handsome, valorous tint of orange. We’re talking the Wanted.




Falling in at around 40-50 members, the Wanted put the pedal to the metal as far as we’re concerned. Flexing heavy assault weaponry and limited edition imported vehicles, they certainly make their presence strikingly bold as their colours stand out like nobody elses. Wherever you find a glamorous tint of orange tyre smoke, or you smell the strong fresh smell of hot burnt rubber, you’ll find these guys loud and proud.


Cold, controlled and composed. Their leader is a solid, strong figure with his highly committed followers at his disposal. They stand prepared at any given time, but they know how to let their hair down by blowing off sweet steam.



These guys are passionate, really. Not just about cars, but money & reputation too. Being one of the larger gangs centered in Los Santos, they set examples to the smaller crews of how to exist in peace, but still operate on an aggressive scale. They tend to stay out of the path of larger gangs, as conflict isn’t their primary interest.


Originally founded on the 20th January, the Wanted have consistently held their own for 8 continous months facing one of the roughest rides ever experienced. They have been a part of some of the largest wars within Los Santos itself.



Rocking Feltzers, Elegy Retros and the sheer brute force of the Vapid Contender, the Wanted definitely don’t play nice. One of the largest traders within the chopshop market of Los Santos they have exported over $500,000 of black market car parts (not accounting for the parts they kept for their souped-up beasts) these guys dabble in some of the priciest whips within San Andreas.

It was a pleasure spending time with these guys, from checking out their reckless, ruthless lifestyles to digging their top of the range modern machines, these guys know how to have fun. They also know how to get busy, should they need to. They're one to watch for sure.

Rory Muzzafetto, Weazel News

This report was brought to you by Motorsports.


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