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[Refund Request] Jacob Jordan [Imported Rumpo3 ~ 4.500 credits & 96K for maxed up

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Character to be refunded: Jacob Jordan

Date and time of incident: 12/Aug/2019

(what and how much): 4.500 credits, 96.000$ in-game

Description of incident resulting in loss:
I bought that car and i maxed that up for 96.000$ , but unfortunately the speed is the same even i change the engine i realy don't like that and i want to make a refund because i won't use that car + that car is for greater security but it's not ( engine of with 3 shot)!! - maybe i'll buy 3000 credit and use it for Dubsta 6x6

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Thank you for posting this refund request.

After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund for any of the item(s) from your refund request.

  • Please ensure you read through the guidelines prior to submitting a refund request. It states that we do not issue refunds for:
    • Mistakes made by the player such as buying the wrong car, buying the wrong mod in mod menu, selling their house accidentally, etc.

This decision is final. Unless instructed too, if you post another refund request pertaining to this incident you will be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period.

Administrator Rodiz

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