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Blanco0918 - Jehvon Wilson (Perma Ban Appeal)

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Account name:
Character name(s):
Jehvon Wilson

Admin who issued punishment: Varakai
Date of punishment: 8/10/19

Punishment received: Permanent Ban

Reason given for punishment:
AFK Bypass/Macroing

Your explanation of what happened:
I take full responsibility for Macroing and have no excuse as to why i did. My only explanation is that My character had just got out of jail and was in debt of 
195,000 and i had used AutoHotkey in the past to replace my push to talk button so i created a script to bypass the AFK Timer and keep me active in the game
so i can receive the salary overnight and not have as much debt in the morning.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
I've never hacked/modded or macro'ed before as this is my first time. It was a very dumb mistake and i pledge for it to never happen again, i am willing to do anything 
it takes to prove myself in order to play on Eclipse again. I also streamed on live streamed myself playing on eclipse and it was overall an amazing experience and i dont wanna lose that
due to my dumb mistake. It will never happen again, i will reread the rules a million time's if i have too. I am a good roleplayer and alot of people who have encountered me in
the past will vouch for me. I am extremely apologetic and i regret what I did very much. I even volunteer to be monitored on the server if need be to prove that something
like this will never happen again. 
I've always been a huge roleplayer and EclipseRP was by far the most fun server i have ever played on. I Only ask that i receive one more chance to prove myself.
Once again i take full responsibility for my actions and completely understand if my
appeal is denied.

Post any evidence or further details:
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Hello @Blanco0918 and thank you for the appeal.

First and foremost I understand how hard it is to come out of debt with the new financial system in place. It has made it hard for a lot of players to recover from financial strife and I will do my best to pass on information to higher up to see if any other players are struggling to get out of debt. I do understand as well that as we move to a more "realistic"server it does become harder and harder to be a criminal.

However, our rules are pretty straightforward regarding Hacking and Exploits. Players must not have mods, trainers or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage. Yes there are exceptions to use of chat macros for those who use the same /me or /do over and over due to government jobs, but the use of macros to circumvent the AFK timer is considered a major breach. AFK bypassing allows you to "Farm" both experience and base salary. As players cannot starve to death anymore, you could potentially go for hours without being noticed. This can have drastic effects on the server's economy.

Furthermore, the matter of you potentially wanting to AFK Macro was brought to my attention from someone within your unofficial faction Discord group. You were also told not to do so from others within the Discord group not to. As it could result in a permanent ban.


I will leave it up to the Administrators to decide if your banishment will be permanent or if you will only face a temporary one.

Kind Regards
Varakai - Senior Moderator
EclipseRP Server Staff

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Thank you, but im sorry im not sure what you mean by asset removal, does that mean im getting my characters removed? 

Edited by Blanco0918

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Your Warrener and F620 have been removed off of your account and I've reduced your ban to a week from today. Please know that if something like this occurs again, you will not be unbanned.

Appeal accepted

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