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General Marketplace

In this forum's subsections you may post classifieds of your character's privately owned properties or vehicles. The Real Estate section is where you'll find privately owned houses and businesses for sale. The Vehicles section is where you'll find privately owned vehicles for sale. You may also trade for other objects or post an ad to purchase one.


The Auctions section is primarily for players to sell any object that isn't a vehicle or property. This section could be used for many things and as the server gets further in it's development we will add more information about this. Special objects will be stickied and sold for auction in these forums. Administrators will have access to special objects that they may auction to the highest bidder. This may include, but is not limited to, apartment complexes, high-scale businesses, special vehicles (or vehicle attributes/abilities).



  1. ALL POSTS MUST HAVE A PREFIX TAG. Tags must be before the topic title and must be: [bUYING] [sELLING] [TRADING] [bUY/TRADE]
  2. Topic titles must include what you're selling.
  3. You may only create one ad at a time for the same thing.
  4. You may not place an ad for someone else.
  5. Players may post their phone numbers and character names for transactions. Forum PM can be used as well to get in contact without cluttering your thread.
  6. The only posts that can be made in each topic are bids, responses should be taken to Forum PM/in-game. Thread owners may reply to bidders and close their ad.
  7. Players may respond to an ad with a bidding amount, or simply pay the asking price if price is firm and non-negotiable.
  8. Do not post bids with insufficient funds. Don't post a bid of an amount you don't have.
  9. Players may outbid each other as much as they like within the confines of forum spamming rules. If the bids are too frequent it will have to be taken in game or over forum PM.
  10. Once a bid has been up for 48-hours, the last bid will either get the object or the buyer may back out of the deal.
  11. Threads that last longer than 48-hours without a post will have their poster messaged about the sale and if no response is given in 24 hours of the PM it will be archived.
  12. When buying an object, your post has SEVEN (7) days of activity before being archived.

You may post a thread however you like as long as the information conveyed on the post is intelligible. (ie. has to have your IG character name, what you're selling, info about what you're selling)


For ease of mind we have created a simple format:



Phone number:

Selling (a): House(s)/Car(s)/Business(es)


Willing to trade for:

Bid starts at:


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