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Sanada Atsuchika | Yakuza

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Atsuchika comes from the region of Nagano in Japan. His heritage is of the Sanada Clan, an ancient Japanese clan with only a few remaining. His father is the leader of the Yakuza controlling Nagano, and he always wishes for Atsuchika to take his place. However, Atsuchika has no intention of joining the "family business" and puts shame on his family name by rallying in an anti-organized crime rally event in Nagano. Enraged by this event, his father sent him away to America, in the city of Los Santos. Atsuchika didn't mind this very much, as officially it was an exile but really it was basically the same.

Atsuchika went to the University of San Andreas in Los Santos, while his father wanted him to study law, he eventually coped and let Atsuchika pursue his dream of becoming a Web Developer. While in Los Santos, he lived in his father's apartment in Los Santos and has a driver to drive him to and from school. He lived in incredible luxury, riding a Super Diamond around town and living in a large apartment. When he was done with his studies, he refused to return from "exile" and chose to stay in Los Santos.

His father still coped to his demands and allowed him to use the driver and sleep in his apartment. Atsuchika worked as an intern for LifeInvader, developing their website with his newly found skills. This did not last long though, as he received an emergency call from his mother telling him to return to Japan. He took the next flight from LSI and as soon as he landed, he was picked up by his lone mother instead of the usual drivers and security. His father has been a victim of a shooting by a rival Yakuza gang, he is hospitalized and barely clinging to life. When the inevitable finally came, the throne of the Yakuza empire his father has built falls onto his eldest son, Sanada Atsuchika. Although at first refused to become the next leader, his father's last wish as he fell into his final resting place convinced him otherwise.

Although he was meant to inherit great wealth from his father, a rival Yakuza clan has forced Atsuchika again into exile. He leaves for Los Santos, fearing for his family's life and his own. In Los Santos, he hopes to rebuild the great empire his father had once built, and although needing to leave his comfort zone and suddenly losing his massive wealth. He will adapt and overcome the city.


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Upon return to Los Santos and a further look at the underbelly of the city he tried to ignore, he realized his journey into rebuilding his family’s empire will not be an easy task. At first he thought the easiest way would be to just try to make a branch from zero. Clearly that did not work. After a few encounters he made from people he kidnapped he interrogated his way into learning the workings of the criminal underworld. Out of all the gangs the person spoke of, one of which ranged a bell. The Triads.

Leaving his victim tied up in an abandoned garage, he contemplates on what his next decision should be. Still hope-full, he tried to recruit new members into his cause, starting from people he meets on the street in need of some easy money. In doing so, he unintentionally made a friend with the Outcast, a rising gang newly formed in Los Santos. After a day of mischief with his new follower and his newfound Outcast friend, they leave home with bags filled with cash and a grin on their faces.

Although the success he accomplished yesterday, Atsuchika can’t help but feel helpless in front of all the big gangs ahead of him. He thinks if he should continue to pursue his fathers last wish, or to simply give up and live a normal live while he is ahead of the police. While he contemplates on his decision, a plan c begin to emerge in his head.


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Sanada was carrying a few kilograms worth of weed in his bag and was pulling up to the bank, just another ordinary day it seemed. At the bank, he saw Mikael Cowell a police officer in his cruiser and told Sanada to remove his mask. He did as told and removed his mask before Officer Cowell told Sanada that he was wanted for reckless driving. He didn't want to cooperate and tried to escape with someone on his bike but Cowell tazed him and promptly arrested him. He was found carrying the aforementioned weed and an illegal firearm alongside his licensed one. Just as any officer would do, he was charged and brought to Bollingbroke.

At Bollingbroke, the two Correctional Officers processing him was harassing Sanada for being Japanese, he promptly started a fight with one of the Officers and not long after he faked being injured and needing help. Lying on the ground, the two officers carried him to the infirmary room to await a medic from LS. While one of the officers was away and the other writing down notes, Sanada got up and stabbed the officer with his own pen. He took his weapons and not long after 2 medics and the officer from before came into the room shocked. It was a tense situation but not Sanada knew he wasn't going to be able to get escape. Eventually the SWAT team arrives and incapacitates Sanada before he is detained again.

It would seem that Sanada will not be seeing the outside world for quite some time...

((A bit late to post the story, this happened a few weeks ago))

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