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The Rooks

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On 6/5/2020 at 12:53 AM, ShawnsBeard said:


Chapter One: The Saints

When Shawn first came to the city, he had nothing.  No family, no assets, and no friends.  Everything that he partook in was a completely new experience, and every face he met was a complete stranger.  Shawn tried to figure out a way that he could leave his impact on the city, and for a while he struggled with the thought that maybe he just wasn't cut out for life in Los Santos.  Countless hours of fishing, transporting money across the city, and delivering packages just wasn't able to feed the hunger that developed deep in his gut.  Shawn began to envision what he wanted his life to become, and thoughts such as 'Fast cars, fancy cribs, and lots of bitches' constantly drove his will to succeed.  Eventually, he realized that if he really wanted to leave a mark, he would have to develop close relationships.  Shortly after, he met a man named CJ who was also relatively new to the city.  CJ had very similar goals to Shawn, but had different ways of achieving them, he was deep in the criminal side of life.  After their friendship developed, CJ revealed his strategies for making a quick buck to Shawn, and they formed a partnership devoted to money.  Eventually, they met a group of individuals who were holding down a selection of properties on Grove Street who had alike ideals and goals.  The group later formed what became known as The Los Santos Saints.  Due to his help in founding the group, recruitment, and building relationships with other gangs, Shawn developed a leading role in The Saints.  He became known as one of the Pillars, the heads of the group.  Shawn made connections across the entire city, even with people that had obtained a lot of power, such as the Marcellos.  An agreement had been made between the groups, and The Marcellos would secretively supply The Saints with discounted access to heavy weaponry.



Eventually, The Saints began to realize things about the state of the criminal side of Los Santos.  An organization of gangs known as 'The Council' was able to use their power to control every aspect of criminal life.  Shawn started to become frustrated, as did other members of The Saints, and they set out to try and make a change to the way things were operated.  This was no easy task, as at the time the council was made up of 3 large organizations, Los Zetas, The Irish Mob, and The Clowns.  Thus, Shawn and the Saints decided they needed to develop an alliance with some of the smaller crews in the city to make a change.


Sadly, this was not enough.  The Council had a seemingly endless supply of both numbers and weaponry, and all hope for a 'revolution' of criminal life was gone, at least until The Irish left the council due to disagreements with The Clowns.  This event sent a wave of relief across the alliance, and plans were made to bring The Irish, Los Calaveras and a new upcoming crew called The Wanted into the group.  A meeting was conducted, and it was agreed that the alliance would continue to fight the Council.  The efforts of the alliance were definitely being noticed, and for once we were winning.  Sadly, it didn't last long.  The Triads joined the side of the council.  The Wanted pulled out of the alliance, for reasons that Shawn is still unaware of.  The Marcellos numbers started to dwindle.  The Irish started to fall apart from the inside out.  And The Saints funds advisor/treasurer left the city for good with over 2 million in Saints assets.  Thus, the alliance fell apart and so did the Saints.  Everything that Shawn had worked towards had fallen apart, and all that he was left with was his own personal assets.  In just a week, Shawn's entire life had changed.  He was frustrated beyond belief, and left the city to travel the world in search for himself.

Chapter Two: The Rooks

Eventually, Shawn had enough of traveling the world.  He had visited every corner of the globe, but he still felt unsatisfied.  He constantly thought about how he was unable to really do anything in Los Santos, even with all of the work that he had put in.  He decided enough was enough, and traveled back to Los Santos.  Shawn realized how little had changed in the city.  The main differences were that The Triads joined the council, while The Clowns, The Marcellos, Los Calaveres and The Wanted had disbanded.  Shawn was confused as to what he should do next.  Does he start a crew from the bottom up again? Does he set in search for new friends and relationships?  In an attempt to hear gossip and random radio chatter, Shawn spent a lot of time at the bank chilling.  A lot of old faces started to show themselves, and he realized that he still had connections.  Shawn had heard tale of a crew called 'The Rooks', and he became enticed about what he was told on how they operate.  In order to become a Rook, however, Shawn would have to put his past transgressions against The Council aside as The Rooks were on good terms with The Council.  It was a hard task, as he had felt the presence of their choke hold for his entire criminal history, but he was able to shelf his hatred. He got into contact with who he could from The Rooks organization, and was eventually brought in as a fresh recruit.  Shawn started to grow his relations within the gang, eventually becoming a full fledged member that was recognized as a soldier of The Rooks.  He was especially keen on robbing general stores, making a quick buck that would go a long way towards weaponry.  Everything seemed to be going great, and then seemingly out of nowhere The Council had dissolved their tax system. They had decided that instead of a gang's money, they demanded their respect.  Seemingly instantly, members of The Rooks started getting robbed by Los Zetas.  Confused as to what was happening, The Rooks were told that we had to earn the respect of The Council for neutrality.  Even though The Rooks had spent their time in the city developing relations with The Council, they felt betrayed by the new outtake.  Eventually, what felt like the entire city was against The Rooks, and Shawn knew what was coming.  He knew that The Rooks didn't have the numbers to stand a chance in a war against 4 different gangs, and so did other members of the organization.  A meeting was made, and Dmitri explained to the crew that our only choice to survive as a family would be to have a change in leadership.  The Council wanted us to enact Gauge Michaels, a past Rook traitor, as our new leader.  There was heavy discussion, and Dmitri then suggested that Jerzy be made the new leader. 


A vote between the options resulted in a tie, and then multiple people made the suggestion that they co-lead.  Gauge to handle outer relations and Jerzy to handle inner relations.  For now, that was the result of the meeting.  However, in what felt like a coup, Gauge left the city shortly after, the Roger brothers left, and The Council then continued the war and what was left of The Rooks was quickly put to rest.  Shawn felt like he had a rainy cloud constantly following him, waiting to strike at his happiest moments. 

Once again he felt lost.  Once again he was alone.


To be continued...

It seems great

kind of real mafia rp

See you in-game lads


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As with every other faction thread, this is not a place for you to express activity concerns, naming concerns or other such concerns. If you have an issue with the activity/name/conduct of a faction, especially an official faction, please reach out to faction management. This thread is a place for them to showcase RP and other media.

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Chapter One:

A New Beginning

It was Summer Paradise, Ash was living in a small island called Malta at the time going to parties and the beach. While living there he decided to pursue his career as a mechanic by studying as an engineer where later on he graduated and found a local mechanic shop working part-time which made him some money here and there. 
After summer, a good friend of Ash by the name of Andre was going to join the military and asked if he's willing to take the program with him. Ash was intrigued by the offer and decided to quit his job for the time being and accepted Andre's offer by serving 2 years in the military. Before his service, Ash was lost, his part time job was dead end and he had no idea where his life was going, however, during his service Ash learned how to discipline himself, he learned physical skills such as CQC Combat and how to use weaponry he's only seen in movies, but most importantly he found himself.
After 2 years of service in the military, Ash was involved in an accident with a landmine that left him hospitalized and discharged from the military. After a few weeks he was let out of the hospital and advised to stay home and to rest. This left Ash broken and lost once again, sitting on sofa that is never shared, staring up at a TV that repeats the same shit every fucking day, it breaks you. The days all merged into each other, time started to become meaningless. One of those days seemed to be a little different, Ash woke up earlier than usual, he felt healthy and excited to get out of bed again. During this day Ash receives a phone call from his big brother Einaras that needed Ash to get on a plane quickly as possible to Los Santos due to heavy conflicts going on with the council there. He booked a flight for next morning that night to Los Santos and packed all his bags. He made a quick phone call afterwards to an old connection of his in Los Santos to import his favourite vehicle there which would be the Hakuchou Drag. The next morning, took a cup of coffee and immediately headed out to catch the flight.



After a 12 hour flight, Ash landed in Los Santos and headed to Einaras's property located near Weazel Plaza. Einaras was always the big man of the family where he controls the wealth and ensures safety. Once Einaras and Ash met up, obviously for old time sake popped a small glass of Shotka Vodka and cheered up together. Einaras explained some complications and disagreements going on with the council in the city, Ash always had Einaras back no matter what. Einaras always took care of the family and it was time for Ash to do the same, that's when the entire of BLATANS family was called to a meeting to form plans and attacks on the council. During these attacks COUNCIL suffered some assets and people, while BLATANS suffered as well. Ash and Einaras could see the bloodshed going on in the family and couldn't afford losing more people, that's when Einaras decided to hit up a close friend of his to setup a meeting with the council and after a long-time came to an agreement and neutrality would come in place.



Throughout the neutrality days, Ash heard a good old friend, Dante, came back to town from a long vacation. The next day he decided to hit him up and see if they could meet and catch up with one and another, Dante accepted and later on in the afternoon met at an old coffee shop in the city. Ash explained what happened while he was away and what he missed, Dante interrupts Ash for a second offering a business proposal to make huge cash-load involving drug distribution and money laundering. Ash liked the sound of that and instantly accepted the offer without any hesitation even with the risk that came along. At the dawn time Dante, Ash and Charlie (good friend of Dante) geared up and headed to meet up with Dante's supplier with utmost discreet to gather the supplies and ingredients. Happy to say the mission was successful and the three of us headed back to Dante's secret property.


We had one last ingredient which needed time to grow and that was Marijuana, the next morning Ash headed to [REDACTED] and started seeding a huge harvest for the operation with the appropriate light and equipment. Contrary to Ash's worries, the spot wasn't interrupted by anyone and over the next few days the marijuana plants grew to a healthy size. Ash, with the knife he used in his military days, cut the plants carefully and placed each plant in a spacious plastic bag. Once that was done, it was time to head back to the property and start the big cook!


The cookout was set for days, applying the correct ingredients and processing everything altogether with the correct formula. At some point, paranoia kicked in "What could go wrong", "What if we get caught?" but Ash remained strong and focused on the task. The drugs came out prosperous and later on that night Charlie and Ash met with the connection of the distribution that Dante enrolled them with near an old abandoned factory, where the drugs and money were exchanged, there were no complications whatsoever resulting in a rewarding payout. One last thing remaining was to launder the money which Dante could easily do through his legal gas station business. The cash was shared equally between the three of us approximately $193,333 each from the total of $580,320.




Ash had never seen this amount of money before, in so little time as well. Greed started to kick in and got Ash overly excited wanted to continue manufacturing loads of drugs. Greed isn't a healthy feeling, and Ash learned that the hard way alongside with Dante and Charlie...




After the bust by LSSD, Ash was confined to 6 charges; Manufacturing illegal substances and contraband, Drug-Trafficking, Money-Laundering, Illegal Heavy Weaponry and Unlicensed Firearm and was sentenced to DOC prison for 8 years. Life was tough in prison, many thoughts went through his mind and he knew sooner or later this would happen. Ash stood strong and learned from the mistakes he committed and swore to himself that the future will be better. Meanwhile kept himself in shape and working out daily...



Ash served his jail sentence for 8 years with despair and sorrow. He decided yet again to get in touch with Dante to exactly know what went wrong and what could they have done better 8 years ago... Both of them realized they needed more man power and need to plan ahead for the worst. That's when Dante and Ash's partnership was built stronger than ever, forming a new group in town with the connections they both shared.



Chapter 2; to be continued....

Credits of the pictures edits goes to: @A N G E L

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Amazing post, simple and easy to read. I really loved that you mentioned money laundring because this is the thing most of the criminals ignore and don't mention in their posts. Goodluck in the future and I hope to meet you IC!

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It seemed like any other day flying in for the monthly catch up in the city. When Ravyn got to town she went through her routine, checked messages, changed freq and went from there. There was a text from Harley reminding her of the meeting they spoke about last time. She made her way to the location and upon arriving she saw A LOT more people than last time she was in town, apparently members grew quite a bit. 

Things felt a bit off as she made her way in further but she parked in an available space and made her way over to the crowd. As she approached she saw Harley and said her hellos and was then instantly introduced to all the people she did not know. However, she was unaware these were not Void members, but members of the Shelby gang. After the meeting finished and people decided they wanted to take photos is when she was informed who these people really were.  




While everyone was posing and laughing and enjoying their time Ravyn realized she hadn’t seen Jerzy and decided to text him and find out if he was around. As she was finishing up her text her heart dropped, the undeniable screech of sirens and yelling set in and she was caught off guard….something she has been working hard at not letting happen in the last 9 months. As she hit send she heard a man yelling from behind her to put her hands up and she began shaking as she tried to calm herself and put her phone away. She went to put her hands up as she heard the shot fire...then the instant pain she had been all too familiar with. She had been shot, and a moment later realized where she had been hit… As she screamed in pain she felt the officer handcuffing her, ignoring her pleading as she was bleeding severely from her stomach. As she cried out the only thing the officer said was “I guess you shouldn’t be at a gang meeting when you're pregnant then now should you?” The emotions were running high as the tears streamed down her face, she wasn’t crying from the pain...she could feel the baby contorting in her womb...she could feel the pain he was in as he was surely fighting for his life, and she hers. 

It took forever for the officer to finally get her to the medic that was near and Ravyn began to go into labor, bleeding, cuffed and snarling at the officer dragging her across the property, careless of what had been done to an unarmed woman with her phone out. The medic instantly began trying to deliver the baby but things were not going as she would have hoped. It took even longer for the medic to get the officer to allow her to be brought to the hospital but thankfully Officer Raven helped move it along faster since he could see this was a severe situation which needed to be handled appropriately and quickly. 

They rushed through the streets of Los Santos fast and as carefully as possible screeching the tires as they reached their destination. As they rolled the stretcher into the hospital medics were besides Ravyn trying to assist in a fateful situation. The doctor quickly sedated Ravyn having to perform a C-Section to remove the baby, wasting no time she inserted the needle and went through the motions to put her under. 

As she came to, the tone of the room was that of death, it was as if she was in a morgue, cold, alone and empty. She instinctively reached for her stomach which she could tell was empty….she couldn't feel him move. She began to look around the room as things slowly came into focus. Gripping the side of the bed, she struggled to pull herself to her side as she scoured the room looking for a hint of her son, a clue, a cry, anything. She heard movement to the foot of the bed and saw Officer Raven there, eyes glossy, head down, awkwardly fidgeting trying not to look her in the eye. “Where is he?” she was able to mutter softly. He only looked up at her and she saw the tears run down his face. She felt this pain one other time not long ago, the pain of her heart being ripped into a million pieces...tiny particles with no hope of recovering from this one. The sound that escaped her mouth is indescribable, pure gut wrenching pain you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Ravyn loses her balance as she cries and nearly falls to the floor as the doctor comes back into the room rushing to her side. 

The doctor and the officer try to help her to the bed but she fights to stand next to the bed, demanding to see her son...she needed to know for sure. “I want to see him. Now.” “Ms. LeRoy, I don’t think that’s…” “NOW” Ravyn screams. “Bring him here. NOW.” As Ravyn became hysterical the Doctor couldn’t fight her, and felt  for her as she pleased, demanded and cried to see her child. Without another rejection, the doctor left the room to retrieve the infant's body.  “You don’t want to see him Ravyn…” Officer Raven tried to plead with her, but he knew better as she glared at him, and did not say another word, tears still running down his face.  As he hung his head she heard the door open and any bit of her heart that was hanging on for dear life died in that moment she looked down at him. 

She ran her fingers over his face, his cheeks soft and cold, his precious lips were blue and perfect. He looked like Dmitri, even at this size, she knew he would look like him. A head full of dark hair, his nose...and he was perfect. As she continued to fight to breathe she couldn’t tear herself from him. The spot where her heart began to grow cold and hard in the last moments she saw him. She memorized every inch of his face which fielded the rage and fire from within. She didn’t know which officer shot her, nor did she care at this moment. They would all pay eventually. She didn’t care if she had to burn the entire city to the ground to do it. 

It felt like an eternity that she sat there looking at the beautiful baby she was never able to see smile. The boy she would never see laugh, never see in his father's arms, a little man she would never hear call out to her. As she stared at him she remembered the name Dmitri had in mind that she thought was a name she would never agree to. Durial. She had looked up the meaning of that name a while back and laughed as she read the meaning. “God is my home.” She thought it was ridiculous since she didn’t believe in god. But in that moment looking down at him and his angelic face she knew he was right, Durial was right “Lil D” for short. 

Officer Raven looked to Ravyn, knowing he was supposed to bring her in. He walked to her slowly and placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered…”This was punishment enough. I cannot arrest you after this...No one should have to endure that and then go to jail.” He apologized again and made his way out the door behind the doctor wheeling Durial from the room. Ravyn watched her son as she took him away and fell to the bed passing out exhausted. 




The time that passed after that felt like years although it was only a few days she was in recovery. When she was able to leave, she reached out to the family and let them know what had happened. Harley had been fighting and scouring footage of any possible go pro footage anyone may have had from that day, but was more concerned on comforting Ravyn at this moment. Ravyn’s only concern at the moment was how she was going to tell Dmitri. How is she going to tell this man his son he didn't know about until a short time ago was now dead and what he would do or say. 

A couple days passed and in that time she floated around emotionless, staying  hidden away as much as possible. The looks on peoples faces, the sympathetic looks and the sorrys were too much to bear. She missed Dmitri, she missed her brother, the two men in her life that were most important. A few days passed before she heard from Dmitri and it was to call a meeting. When she got the call from him her heart sank instantly as she fought to find the strength to say the words and destroy the happiness in his voice then and there. Tears began to fall and her voice began to crack and he knew something was wrong and wanted to meet up to talk. 
Ravyn and Harley made their way to the meeting spot and she recognized faces she hadn’t seen in awhile. [REDACTED], seeing their faces made her smile and warmed her soul a little, hearing [REDACTED]'s voice made her smile as it always had.

They pulled into the meeting place and as she approached him her legs felt weak and she couldn’t breathe and the worry on his face was able to be seen from where she was. He hugged her and gave her a kiss before the words could leave her mouth. “I have some news.” she said quietly. She turned and headed away from the group wanting to tell him privately.  “He’s gone...they killed him.” The tears began to flow as she began to tell him what happened. The expressions on his face cycled from pain and hurt instantly into rage and anger as the words left her lips. “Who was it?” he demanded. “Harley put in an IA report and we are still trying to find out.” You could cut the tension with a knife as the next moments passed. In true Dmitri form he pulled himself together and reminded Ravyn she needed to do the same since there were other dire issues at hand and they needed to be vigilant and focused on the things in motion around them. 

The meeting commenced and took a long time as they usually did, and Ravyn began to get antsy as she usually does. All she could think of was the call she received telling her she could collect Durials body to bury him. She had the arrangements set and the grave was ready for him. She knew it all had to be done secretly and without anyone knowing given the situation everyone was in due to the traitorish activity of previous Rook members. It saddened her knowing none of the family could gather for it because so many of them had to appear non-existent.  

As the meeting was coming to a close she excused herself letting Dmitri know where she was going, hoping he would be able to meet her. She met the staff at the hospital to sign the paperwork and left to meet them at the grave site.  She waited for a while for Dmitri to text her back or call and when he didn’t she texted [REDACTED] to have him remind him if they were still in the same place. The workers there were getting impatient as she continued to wait longer still hearing nothing. Her nerves were shot, jumping at every car she heard speed by not knowing who it could be or if they would pull in and see her there. She knew she couldn’t wait anymore and directed them to start. She watched the casket get lowered in the ground, and as they layered the dirt on his casket, part of her soul was buried with him in that moment. She sat there for a couple hours longer before she decided to leave, the sun was setting and it wasn’t safe to be sitting out in the open like that. 



A while passed before she heard from Dmitri again and she met up with him to help retrieve vehicles from impound quickly and safely. As they sat there her thoughts began to race and she blurted out she buried their son. “Wait, you did WHAT?” he said with an anger she hadn’ t heard before in a very calm tone. “You did it without me?” He just stared at her as she stared blankly back at him. She had no energy left to argue, the only words she uttered was “I waited and you never came or called. I couldn’t just sit there staring at that casket knowing he was in there anymore. I carried him alone, I lost him alone, I buried him alone.” She knew what she said was uncalled for and regretted it immediately. She knew the situation and she wasn’t truly mad, just alone, hurting and the sadness she was feeling had no words to describe it at this moment. You could tell he was hurt and angry, but he kept his composure and never raised his voice. He didn’t say anything for some time as they sat there waiting for an officer to retrieve his vehicles. 

After the police gave him his vehicles and  Ravyn helped him move them to a secure place they went for a ride. They didn’t say much as they rode around but things calmed between them. They didn’t speak of what she had done, unsure if it was out of fear, anger or what have you neither said a word about it. He rested his hand on her thigh as they drove and she placed her hand on his speeding through streets with the engine of the jester purring loudly. In that moment she remembered everything they had been through in the last 3 years together. The things they have fought through and survived, this would be no different and they will survive this too. As he pulled up to the house he smiled at her softly saying, “ I love you.” “I love you too” she said as she unbuckled and they climbed out of the car. They both had a long day and hadn’t seen much of each other in a very long time. They both were exhausted and just wanted this all to be over, everything. They climbed onto the bed and he curled up behind her wrapping his arms around her as they slowly drifted off to sleep ready to fight another day.


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Omar Fury

And so it begins...


Omar and his family grew up in Scotland, to be more specific in a city called Glasgow. The scheme he grew up on was rife with drugs, drink, and gang culture. You either partook in it or kept your head down and tried to remain unknown.

Omar and his brother Jonas at a young age got caught up in it all. They were 11 when it all started. At first, they were just dropping unknown packages to and from different locations, they loved it because they got some money for doing it. Then it led to being lookouts and giving everyone a heads up if either other gangs or police approached. As they got older it then led to gang fights. These were one of Omar’s favourite things, why? Well it was not like the wild west where everyone turned up with guns with the intent to shoot dead. It was much more than that, it was a place to blow off steam. Everyone would meet up at an arranged location, as you arrived you could hear the screams and roars of the other gang. The adrenaline would kick in and it would kick off, they would all run at each other and fight. 

Things progressed and Omar and his brother continued to get deeper. They got to the point where they were running their own subgroup of the gang. That is when everything changed. They made a name for themselves. The only problem with this is that with the name comes problems, everyone wants a shot at you.

Omar decided to have a little break and went over to Los Santos to visit one of his cousins who lived out there. They had a great time reminiscing and catching up. His cousin introduced him to one of his close friends Jimmy Irish. Instantly Jimmy and Omar hit it off they went out and had one of the wildest night’s ever. 

On the day Omar was set to leave Los Santos and go back home he received the call that turned his whole world upside down. 
He picked up the phone and what was said next broke him. 

“Omar, your family are dead”, He dropped to his knees. “Why? What happened?” he asked.

“They were looking for you and your brother, they found out where you lived and when all of your family were at home asleep they sent petrol bombs through the letter box and set fire to the house. None of them made it out”

The phone line went silent and Omar burst into tears. Omar was broken, in one short conversation his whole life had been turned upside down. He stayed with his cousin for a while. He grieved his family from afar but could not face going home. There was nothing there for him anymore except hurt, pain and loss.

He picked himself up and looked at a way to try and rebuild his life in Los Santos. He reached out to Jimmy and told him everything. Jimmy took Omar out for the night, the 2 of them got smashed on Whiskey and played poker at Tequi-la-la. During the night they got talking and Jimmy said to Omar if at any point he is interested he and a groups or friends have a few things on the side that could make him a little bit of money. Omar told him that was kind and that he would think about it. 


Time passed and Omar was still living with his cousin. He started dabbling in petty crimes to make some money. Along the way he made a good friend Jax Hunter. He became Omar’s partner in crime. The 2 of them would hit the streets at night and rob anyone they could find. They quickly grew tired of this as the realised the risk against the reward just was not worth it.

Omar reached out to Jimmy and asked to set a meeting with him and his friends. Both Jax and Omar turned up at a secret location to meet. Omar was excited about the meeting as he wanted a sense of belonging again. He wanted a group that he could once again call his family. After a long conversation they were invited to join the others on a trial basis.

After spending lots of time getting to know the others well and running a few errands on their behalf they invited Omar and Jax to join the family. They were told to go get a skull mask as this is what we use to identify ourselves. After doing this they received a call to go and meet the others at the tattoo shop. When they arrived their both Jax and Omar got tagged. They were officially part of the family and just like the new tattoos on their arms this would be a family for life.


To be continued….

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Yousef Assad

From Humble Beginnings 


          Yousef Assad was born in Damascus Syria, to two loving parents. His father being the patriarch of the family saw tensions rising in their home country and applied for Visas to the United States for the whole family. The visas were approved and Yousef only a young boy at the time left Syria behind for good. Once in the USA they moved into an upper middle class home with his mother and father, his father was an optometrist and provided a comfortable life for them in a city about 30 miles from Los Santos. He graduated high school, made some good friends and got a job at UPS. But Yousef was not satisfied by this normal boring life and his friends offers to move with them to Los Santos were exciting to him.


Moving to Los Santos

        Yousef was persuaded to move into the city of Los Santos by his good friends from highschool, Mario Volkov, Andrew Lawton, Vladamir Suskini, Nigo Kaneko and Nate Bev. They had all moved into the city a few weeks prior to Yousef and how happy they seemed there to have an exciting fresh start made it impossible for Yousef to not move there as well. They started off as many others did, bright eyes and full of optimism, driving that Gruppe Six truck, Go Postal and quite a few nights spent fishing. The imported cars and beautiful properties were appealing to Yousef and his group of friends. This group of friends has been extremely close since the day they got to the city and democratically makes decisions together, always considering how each of their actions would affect the group as a whole. They pretty much owned the fishing dock and any others that fished there during those first few months were at their mercy.   


The Void

    Mario was the first to come across a member of The Void, he met Randy Berkowitz and showed interest into the group. After conferring with the rest of the group it had been decided that they would all attempt to join this organization to learn more about the city and the sophisticated gangs that run it. Mario referred Yousef, Vlad, Nate, Andrew and Nigo to the organization and they were soon all members after showing their skills and the value they offered to the organization. The group soon became integrated into the family and felt more accomplished and complete than ever before. They were so excited to wear that purple tie and paint their cars that deep black color with a purple pearlescent.   


The Family (Void) had many interesting adventures together. They had each other's back no matter what, any time anyone would call for help on the radio everyone would do their best to assist as soon as possible.From car chases, to drug lab raids, to forcing a prospect to fist fight an enemy gang member that they had captured who was driving around repping the Families colors. The prospect "Samuel Ortiz" ended that fight with a massive right hook to the jaw of the rival gang's member. They changed their car's colors after that incident and were constantly apologizing to the Void for their mistake.


        Yousef had his gun license and supplied his group with weapons up until a very dramatic and serious event unfolded starting at the oil field. He was mining oil, just working a legal job attempting to peacefully earn some clean cash when a group of men wearing Goblin Masks and chrome cars pulled up to his mule and stole his .50 pistol along with the truck. After they drove off Yousef was furious that these people dared to rob him doing a legal job, many know how disrespectful this is and that experienced members of the city don't often do that.



        He called Mario and got onto a radio frequency with Vlad Andrew, Nigo and Mario. They then knew to check the oil field drop of point and picked up Yousef to go confront them there. When the group arrived the Golbin Men were waiting there. Mario negotiated to get the truck back and these men said that they were members of the "Los Zetas" a fear large group of criminals. Mario called a contact in the organization and then met him at their HQ. After conferring with them they said they had no idea who this Goblin gang was. At the same time Andrew was selling the oil as the goblin gang had drove off. As he was lugging the oil out of the truck with only Yousef by his side the Goblin men returned with shotguns and .50 pistols and stole the truck once more. Now it was personal, Andrew and Yousef told Mario what had happened and Yousef and Andrew rearmed as Mario chased these chrome car driving goblins around the city. The group eventually all caught up to them and confronted them on lying about being members of the blue gang. The situation escalated and the goblins told the group that if they don't drive away they were DEAD. There were only two in that car and the other two were obviously equipping themselves with weapons and ammo in the house they were parked at. With tensions high and hate growing between the two groups, the two missing members of the goblins ran out of their house and screamed demands for Nigo and Vlad to get our of their car from quite a distance, the group made the quick decision to fight and many were quickly injured. Yousef was the last one to get into the fight and managed to shoot down one of the goblins right as he was attempting to end Nigo's life. With 2/4 of the goblins injured and only Yousef alive out of his group, things were looking bleak. Yousef then sees one of the goblins with bullet holes oozing blood run into the front yard of his house. Yousef knew this man didn't see him and that he could easily finish him off. He ran through the gate and shot the man in the back, then put a bullet through his brain out of anger for the injuries his friends were enduring. Then it was 1v1... Yousef runs back out front and quickly shoots down the last goblin and finishes him off. 

Yousef knew all of these gunshots would draw the attention of the police so he quickly starts filling up a back and his backpack with shotguns and pistols. The sirens were getting close so mario whispered to him over the radio to take his Rapid GT. Out of the corner of his eye Yousef saw a Police Officer on a motorcycle riding up to him as he ran to the Rapid GT. There were so many police cars coming that Yousef just got on his knees and didn't want to distract them from the very serious Gun Shot wounds of his friends that needed immediate medical attention. Yousef was handcuffed and visibly distraught as he wondered if his friends were going to survive. Luckily the EMT's arrived and saved the live's of all of his friends. 


Yousef was charged with Murder x3, possession of illegal firearms, including 2 shotguns, 8 .50 Pistols and tons of ammo. This got him 80 months in prison. He served his time, lost his weapons license but was reunited with Nigo, Vlad and Mario as they all did time with him in that trashy prison. Their charges were lesser but that just meant Yousef would have a ride when he got out of prison. Mario picked him up from the DOC and they resumed life as it was before those goblin men fucked with them. 



To Be Continued... 

(There are many more stories to tell)


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Chapter One: Burger Reviews
With Life Invader becoming a huge deal throughout Los Santos, Frankie and Shawn decided that they would invest some time and effort into a social media platform to build their business relations and popularity.  Frankie came up with the idea of burger reviews, and Shawn agreed that the potential for future sponsorships and advertisements would definitely be worth it's weight in gold.  They started right away, making a page on Life Invader, producing art for the page, and recording their first burger review.  It was an easy choice on what store's burgers should be reviewed first, as everyone and their mother has visited LosZantos247 at the back of the Los Santos Bank.  With the first burger review recorded and edited, it was uploaded to the social media tycoon where it gained an insane amount of support and traction through shares and likes.

Chapter Two: Icy
With the success of the burger reviews, Frankie and Shawn threw themselves into the social media platform head first.  The same night, Shawn noticed that the Fire Department had dropped a track on Life Invader called 'Flame Gang'.  He gave it a listen, and felt disrespected as a resident lab connoisseur.  Shawn met with Frankie, and discussed his idea for dropping a diss track on the Fire Department, and they quickly got to work. 








With the diss track recorded and mixed, the two uploaded it across Life Invader for the entire city to listen.


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The Big Heist

The Night Before

Harley met with [REDACTED] the night before, they planned to rob a bank the next day to gain money for them to buy more equipment for their money laundering business they planned to do later on during the week. Harley left that meeting excited but nervous. She hopped on her Hakuchou Drag, feeling anxious and drove to the Void HQ. She texted Randy, asked him to meet her in the HQ so she can go over the plans so he can rally the team together through the night shift. Randy explained to her he has been excited for this day for a while, his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning! He immediately opened his phone and texted everyone from Void and other groups they were allied with to explain the plans and when and where to meet.

Harley, confident in Randy, left their meeting feeling less anxious, drove to her apartment and went to sleep.


The Calm before the Storm

Harley woke up the next morning excited for what was to come. She checked her phone and saw over 20 text messages from everyone telling her that they were in and they would be there for her. She smiled and get out of bed, ready to meet with all her loyal allies and members to go over the plan in detail.

She texted higherups in Void and Allies to meet at [REDACTED] to talk about the plans together. While she waited for them to arrive she got out the map of Los Santos she was given when she first arrived to the city, it was some weird tourist kind of map, it showed you where all the local banks, food markets, etc were. She spread the map on her coffee table, got out her sharpie collection and started drawing out the plan for each bank.


When the guests arrived they discussed the plan for each bank and all came to the agreement that the Route 68 bank would be the best one to hit, it had the most exit points and the incompetent Serriffs Department would be the first responders rather than the Police Department in the city.
The plan was set, hit the Route 68 bank, have 5 inside, 2 on the tellers, one on the side door, two working on vault. They all were confident in this plan, they all agreed this would be the heist they would carry out. They packed up the map and took it to 
[REDACTED] to explain the plan to the others.


Everyone gathered around Harley as she placed the map down on the ground and tossed a bag full of leather gloves, ammo and weapons. The bag made an audible thud when it landed on the ground, everyone then decided to shut up and pay attention.

"Everyone Listen Up", Harley said shortly after the bag hitting the ground.
"Tonight we are all going to be committing a serious felony. We're not here to mess around, we're not here to make a mess. We're all here to rob a bank and we're gonna do it clean. Anybody who has a problem with that, see yourself out"
. You could cut the tension with a knife as everyone remained silent and shuffled around as they got more anxious.
"Good, that was all of your last chances to turn back. You're in with us now."
"Tonight, we're hitting the Route 68 bank. We're going to do this clean and we're gonna do it smart. Each and every one of you needs to trust eachother that you have eachothers backs. We're putting everyone here at incredible risk so I need you all to trust eachother so you don't make any mistakes."

Everyone seemed to remain silent but you could see in their faces they understood the situation.


They discussed who would be inside the bank, who would be on crowd control, who would be on the vault.
Everyone else was on damage control. Outside, on roofs, in bushes, in vehicles. Whatever you need to do to be ready for if it got messy. It ended up to be about 15 people outside, and 5 inside.

"Everyone gloves on, I don't want you leaving prints around like we're amateurs. Load your weapons, use the ammo you need from here. We're in and out in 5 minutes everyone. Let's go!" - Harley

The Final Countdown

When showing up to the bank, you could tell everyone was getting nervous as they pulled their heavy weapons out of their bags inside the bank. Everyone inside could be seen adjusting their stance or their grasps on their guns, their knees falling weak, their arms feeling heavy, their palms becoming sweaty.
Harley made one last speech to her allies inside.
"I trust each and every one of you, and I know you trust me. We're gonna do this right and we're gonna do this clean. We're not going to fail, we have got this in the bag. Everyone good?"
Each of them responding with an excited acknowledgement.

Harley explained that she will count down from 5. On 1, they will all begin their tasks. On the outside she seemed strong, she needed to be for everyone working with her to be confident in her. On the inside she was anxious, her heart was pumping like crazy and her chest felt tight. As she counted down her breaths became shorter and faster. This was it, no turning back now.


"5... 4... 3... 2... ONE!"

Animated GIF


Her worst nightmare had come true. She had an awful feeling that Council were onto her plans from the very beginning and right after her final countdown, they were told by the tellers that the bank was robbed shortly before they turned up. Harley had no time to question who robbed the bank, she rallyed her team together and ensured, before they got unwanted attention that every single one of them was safely away from the bank, away from Route 68 and safely in their vehicles before doing so herself only AFTER seeing the last of her allies leave the bank safely.


Although the robbery was a fail, it felt like a win to Harley. She had gotten her whole team together, planned the entire heist and got everyone away from the situation safely when things turned sour. Although the heist never went through, she had found people that trust her, she knew that the 20 people who were around her when she arranged the whole thing believed in her and felt confident in her leading them.

She knew she had a strong team and she can be confident that when they plan on doing this again, she can rely on them.

She then drove back home, sat down on her sofa and began to draw to calm her nerves. She drew the only thing that could come to her mind after tonights events. Family.


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NcA5zKe.png&key=217786757ce1c95b422a7010Omar Fury

And so it continues...,

Omar started to settle in, he got to know the family well. As he spent more time with them and continued doing small tasks, he eventually gained their trust.


A few weeks passed and Omar was making steady money for the organization. He was going to pick up a secret package from a secret location. He did not know what he was collecting or who for, he was just told where to go and where to deliver it.

He arrived at the location and scouted it out, but it was hard to know for sure if it was clear. The rain was pouring down and the thunder was roaring. Omar could not know for sure if anyone was there. It looked clear.

Jax came to help Omar. When he went to grab the package all sudden, he heard rustling from the bushes, 2 SED Officers rushed towards Omar on motorbikes. He managed to grab the package and escape on his bike. He was pursued by the officers but sadly it did not end well for him. He had several vehicles on his tail and there was nowhere to go. Omar was put in cuffs, Jax turned up and saw Omar being arrested, he said over the radio to the others to inform them. Due to being in the area the cops decided to grab Jax as well. They slapped a bullshit charge on him to put him inside.

Omar and Jax were transferred to DoC. They took Omar in first and he was processed and sentenced for 2 years.


Jax arrived in jail but he asked for parole, Omar was confused why he would ask for parole due to the repercussions of parole. He was granted it and they processed him; He was released with a tag so that the police could keep tabs on him. He was given several rules he had to follow if any of them were broken he would be put back inside.

Omar served his time and was later released from prison, Jax came and picked him up and the 2 of them decided to go and try to make back the money they lost from the failed pick up. Before they could do this Jax had to lose his tag as he still had it as his parole was not yet over. They went to a secret apartment and Jax cut off his tag. This is where it takes a turn for the worst…


Due to Jax removing his tag the police were notified and he was wanted once again. The Sheriffs Department made an appeal for his whereabouts, and Jax had to lay low for a while to stay off their radar.

Commander Hardy released several videos on the Sheriff Department’s Life Invader mocking Jax and trying to uproot him from hiding. Jax, Omar, Shawn, Tony and Jimmy made a plan to hit back at Hardy and mock him. Little did they know this would be one of the biggest mistakes they could make. They all gathered together at a secret location. They all took a picture and made a video to respond to Commander Hardy. Jax posted the picture on Life Invader before everyone was ready and before the video was completed. As the video was edited and about to be uploaded Omar gets a message over the radio. “Swat is here” he panics and starts to hide all of his stuff. After stashing it all and changing clothes he went outside to see what all the commotion was. Before he got the chance to look around, cops were demanding him and Shawn to get on their knees. Across the road they had already caught Jax, thankfully Tony and Jimmy managed to escape with most of the weaponry.



Due to the nature of the photo, Swat Raided the apartment that the photos were taken in, and managed to retrieve a lot of firearms and illegal goods the crew had been stocking. Omar was gutted, he felt like he was a fool at rock bottom. The only good thing that came from this situation was a valuable lesson. Never be sloppy and never draw unnecessary attention to yourself again.

Due to the situation, the family grew suspicious of Jax.  The fact he chose parole over the time on his first sentence and the fact he posted a picture that led to the family losing a lot of money. They also were weary about Omar. An order came down from [REDACTED] that Omar must kill a cop to prove his loyalty and that Jax needs to be removed from the family and dealt with due to his actions and how much knowledge he had gained.

Omar was gutted about this news as Jax was a close friend. Omar’s sentence ended and he got out before Jax. To blow off steam and to get his mind off what was to come he phoned Shawn. He asked for Shawn to help with his cop problem so that he could prove his loyalty to the family.

Shawn and Omar plotted a plan of how they could do it clean. They hit a store down by Chumash to collect some cash.  A cop pulled into the location fast and alone. Omar ran out to try and draw him away from the front of the shop. The cop softly hit Omar with his car to try and stop him. Omar pulled his gun and as he did Shawn ran from behind the cop giving him demands. The cop ignored Shawn and pulled his gun, Omar and Shawn both shot the cop and then Omar put his lights out. Omar once again found favour in the family. He gained their trust back.

A few months passed and Jax was released from prison. Omar and Shawn were cooking at a secret location when they arranged a meeting with Jax. Omar knew what was going to go down in this meeting and was distraught that he was going to play a part in killing his friend. Omar and Shawn decided to do it at a neutral location, so no alarms were raised.

Jax arrived and Shawn caught up with him, then to Jax’s shock Shawn uttered the following: “Jax, I like you man, but due to the circumstances this has to be done.  Get down on your knees.” He pulled out his gun and asked Omar to do the deed. Omar agreed and said the following “We joined together, so it’s only right if I am the one to pull the trigger.”

He walked over to Shawn and took the gun, he was upset but knew that family came first and this had to be done. If it wasn’t it could compromise everything. He gripped the gun and pointed it at Jax and uttered the words: “Jax I love you bro, I am sorry.” He pulled the trigger and out went Jax’s lights. 

They had to dispose of the body due to the location they chose to do it. Omar was pretty shaken up so Shawn took over. He took Jax’s body down to the bathroom and got a hatchet. He chopped up Jax while Omar sat and drank whiskey to calm his nerves. After chopping his body into small pieces they put him in a bag.





They cleaned the location where they killed him then went for a drive. They first pulled up to Chumash store, they were going to throw the bag off the pier there. As they pulled up, they heard lights and the words from a megaphone “Pull over, engine off.” Both of them were shitting themselves. They thought the cops would find the bag and they would both go down for murder. The cop walked up to the window and asked us why we were pulled over. Shawn talked to the officer for a while and it turned out we were stopped due to the speed we were going on the highway. Thankfully, the officer did not smell the bag that was in the back of the car even though the car smelt vile. Shawn charmed the officer and thankfully they got away with just a ticket.




Due to just being pulled over they changed locations on where they would dump the body. They drove up the west highway and decided to hide it under a bridge near the sea. Once they arrived they picked up some rocks to weigh down the bag. Omar picked up the bag and launched it into the sea. Both of them watched it sink and went on their way.


Omar and Shawn arrived back at one of their hideouts and had a debrief, they both had a few whiskies and tried to calm the nerves of the day and put it all behind them.


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