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The Rooks

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The Aftermath

Sharp had attempted to scare him. It didn't work. It made him more paranoid. More careful even, but never afraid. He had money to make, dudes to rob, family to spend time with. The next days he spent doing exactly that.


Celebrating a successful robbing spree with his family.



Stealing little moments to spend with his beautiful wife.


Meetings to discuss the police's desire to get into their business.



Then Sharp found him again. He was persistent. He picked Brandon up from Impound as he was trying to release a vehicle. Brandon still refused to snitch, and Sharp had a bag full of evidence of previous crimes he had arrested but not charged Brandon for. 

Sharp knew Brandon was working at Bayview part-time again, so he took him there to humiliate him in front of his boss Charlie and the rest of his coworkers.


Luckily, Bayview was his second home, and they supported him and refused to let Sharp speak badly about him. 

Brandon knew he was going away for a long time, but he asked Sharp to take him out on the beach so he could see the ocean before his long, long prison sentence began. Sharp shockingly obliged. 




Sharp was taking pleasure in this.

But Brandon was tough, he could handle this.


Never Ending War

The Rooks had entered the war with Russians, they had dressed into war gear, but Brandon knew the real enemy. The real war was against the law enforcement of San Andreas. It always would be. War with the Russians was just wasting bullets meant for the police.

That doesn't mean he couldn't have some fun with the Russians.



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 Stevie originally moved to the city to become a hard working farmer. After months of hard, backbreaking work tending the fields, he deicded he needed a change of pace. He went to interview after interview, but no job offers were given. He was getting desparate. That's when he learned to cook synthetic drugs. He brought a few farmboys along with him, who had also grown tired of the long hours and meager pay. They set forth to make a fortune. Stevie was cooking alone one night, when police officers rolled up and arrested him in the act. He was sent away for a long prison sentence in the San Andreas Department of Corrections. In DOC, he met a man named Tyler Rogers during a prison riot. He wasn't aware this chance meeting would bring him a family, the long way around. After his release from DOC, he immediately went to Sandy Shores, and began making Methamphetamines and LSD to pay off his fines. Tyler Rogers was also to be found at this specific drug lab, and they had a conversation about the gang activity in the city. Tyler mentioned his position within The Rooks and Snowball was very interested in Tyler's story of a family, an armada of men and women, making money, protecting each other.

Snowball was accepted into The Rooks with open arms. He spent the next months, jumping in front of hostile weapons to protect his new family. He had a family, a home. Snowball was, and would be until his last breath, a Rook.                                                            







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The End Is Not Yet

Al Romano and Zion Willard had left the Rooks to join their closest ally, The Triads. Brandon wasn't mad. He felt abandoned before, he felt betrayed before. This was just more of that. He could deal with it.

But Rose. Rose was really gone. No one ever told him specifics. "Car accident" was all they would say. He wasn't going to ask anymore details than that. Rose was the first platonic female who ever had a positive influence on him. She was like a big sister, telling him he was doing well, teaching him, correcting him when he was wrong. And she had the nerve to go and die on him. How dare she.

Now Brandon wore a red shirt, he was a Marquis. High Command. At least Tyler was with him.

Rumors were circling that any day now, The Rooks would be dying down, not even dead from war, just going out without a whimper.

Brandon was going to make sure those rumors were put to bed.


Meeting with his remaining family, discussing the losses, finding strength in each other still being here to carry the weight.



A Parliament of Rooks was called, and the man before them was judged to be unfit. He ceased breathing soon after.


Eddie Junnior standing with the family.


It was almost time. They would be patrolling the countryside, finding drug labs, and taking anything they decided belonged to them. This was his first real operation as High Command. The pressure was on.



Brandon had to blame someone for the death of Rose.

So on the first evening beyond her passing, they took everything from everyone they saw. Brandon placed the blame of Rose's loss of these men, and they were taxed for these sins.


Brandon had to step away at moments. His job was business. He was to remain professional, with the goal of expanding pocket books as his priority. He was to lead these men.

How would it look if he began gutting the men they were robbing without warning. No, he had to remain composed and professional.


It was an old Irish superstition, oddly enough, that seeing a flock of Rooks coming towards you was bad luck. For the citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County, this is a universal truth.


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  • Thread looks great, enjoy the story overall 8/10.
  • Having a good interaction in-game since first time join the server until now.
  • Friendly ICly & OOCly 

    Good luck further, lets have fun and enjoy the current situation 🙂😄
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On 10/28/2019 at 12:51 AM, Nolan4949 said:


 Stevie originally moved to the city to become a hard working farmer. After months of hard, backbreaking work tending the fields, he deicded he needed a change of pace. He went to interview after interview, but no job offers were given. He was getting desparate. That's when he learned to cook synthetic drugs. He brought a few farmboys along with him, who had also grown tired of the long hours and meager pay. They set forth to make a fortune. Stevie was cooking alone one night, when police officers rolled up and arrested him in the act. He was sent away for a long prison sentence in the San Andreas Department of Corrections. In DOC, he met a man named Tyler Rogers during a prison riot. He wasn't aware this chance meeting would bring him a family, the long way around. After his release from DOC, he immediately went to Sandy Shores, and began making Methamphetamines and LSD to pay off his fines. Tyler Rogers was also to be found at this specific drug lab, and they had a conversation about the gang activity in the city. Tyler mentioned his position within The Rooks and Snowball was very interested in Tyler's story of a family, an armada of men and women, making money, protecting each other.

Snowball was accepted into The Rooks with open arms. He spent the next months, jumping in front of hostile weapons to protect his new family. He had a family, a home. Snowball was, and would be until his last breath, a Rook.                                                            







Good Story Bro .  I realy  Miss you  and the  old Days Snowball


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♥ Ravyn Black ♥



Ravyn was born in the US in North Carolina and moved north soon thereafter. She never knew her father and lived with her mother and step family growing up. She lived an average life until she was 15, which is when things all began to go wrong in her life.

When Ravyn decided to come to Los Santos she had reached her lowest point. She needed a change from her past and dove into a new life head first. Before landing in Los Santos she was constantly fighting herself, and those that were looking to destroy her. She was sexually abused and mistreated which has caused her to cloak in her hard exterior and have a smart mouth. Ravyn has gotten good at using what she has learned from being mistreated in order to obtain what she needs.

She started dancing to make ends meat and got good at that which made the money roll in quicker, as well as drug use. As she began to rise in status within the club so did her illegal activities. Within a year and a half, she bought the club and began running dirty money through it with her then boyfriend whom she rarely seen sober, or not with other women or beating the hell out of her. Things started to get sketchy in the four months following her buying the club, she was being followed and detectives showing up asking questions. It turned out that her boyfriend was using her as a fall guy and taking everything from her one beating at a time. The day she realized she needed to change was the day she woke up in ICU with fifteen busted ribs, a wired jaw, a broken eye socket and a broken arm. Her life was hanging in the balance she was told, and they found her laying on the interstate, holding on to life with everything she had.

After recovery she wanted to be on the straight and narrow and decided on the drastic change.  That quickly faded from her mind after she was introduced to the various illegal activities there were to offer in Los Santos. Not long after she settled in it did not take long before she met someone and they started dating a gang member and learned everything she needed to know from members. From there things progressed quickly and she was all in, there was no turning back now.

She later found her brother hiding away in Los Santos, she hadn’t heard from him in a very long time. She wrote him off as dead after four years. He and his friends welcomed Ravyn in with open arms and helped her begin to become more established and learn more tricks of the trade. The days were long and yet fun running in the streets all hours of the day. She learned more about robberies and began hitting stores frequently stacking the cash as she could.

Things started to change for her, drastically once her then boyfriend was deported, and her brother and friends joined a new family of their own. She looked into other gangs to find the right fit, but nothing seemed to feel right in any of them. She was asked a lot to come be with her family who had found a home with the Rooks, but she turned it down because she wanted to be able to make in on her own and not because of who she knew. But it finally became clear where she was supposed to be each and every day she struggled; The Rooks.


Being a rook isn't about getting rich, I'm not saying you won't make money, but that shouldn't be your driving force to be here. You have to want to be part of something bigger than yourself. You have to want to build something that will last a lifetime, something that will outlast every storm that comes your way. The foundation on which the Rooks has been build is solid, formidable and unyielding. We need family that can add to that and not bend or break.”     




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The Story of

Tyler Rogers



              Tyler Rogers was born in the US in Virginia. Tyler didn't have the best family, his father and mother were not supportive of the lifestyle he wanted to lead. Tyler left his family at the age of 13 and fended for himself through the dark, lonely nights. Life was rough and Tyler wanted to find a family so that he would be able to do what his original family should've done, support him. 

              Tyler after maturing began his search for a family and finally found one. This family was Seaweed, Tyler was hesitant about them knowing their irrational and aggressive behavior. He got over his doubts and finally decided to join them along with his friend Juan Carlos Santana. Tyler and Juan bonded over the course of Seaweed and they learned what it was like to be in a brotherhood. After being in the Seaweed for a decent amount of time Tyler noticed that he enjoyed having a family, but he didn't know any other family than Seaweed. 

             Tyler entered a new era of his life and that was war. His whole life was shook once the Seaweed mentioned that a war might be in their midst. The group were deciding on whether they would pay tax (tribute) to the Council. Seaweed decided they would refrain which although gave them temporary hype it would soon lead to their downfall. This moment of war was the beginning of the end of Tyler's time in the seaweeds.


         Tyler now knew that his time was over and days would pass where he knew it was time to take the green off. After Juan left the city, Tyler was alone and though he had connections he didn't know where he would hang his cape, as his relations weren't so good due to his reputation with the seaweed. Tyler struggled on his decision but ultimately it was obvious, Tyler wanted to be a rook. 


        Tyler made it, he went through the recruitment process and was now a Rook. He had felt good vibes after having his first conversation with Dmitri and he sensed a beginning of something good. As an associate, Tyler had a lot to prove, he knew he had the potential to be important in the Rooks he just had to show it. Tyler began doing everything he could, grinding everyday for the opportunity to develop better relationships and ultimately be promoted in the Rooks. This worked as Tyler swiftly climbed up the ladder and began making his journey up the ranks. 


        Tyler started making friends and developing relationships throughout the Rooks although at first they were minor they developed to friends he would have for the rest of his life. Tyler was happy where he was at, he had a family like he always wanted and he had people that supported him and had his back for the things to come. Tyler noticed that however a new generation of Rooks was forming, people were being replaced and there was shoes to fill. Tyler knew he had to step up.


         Tyler had spent his time wisely, he used his time in the Rooks to make back the money lost from the previous battles from when he was in Seaweed. He had used that money to buy himself a Massacro one of his most favorite sports cars. Tyler had developed enough relationships and a sense of maturity to bring him to High Command in the Rooks. He now knew that this time was not a time to mess around in, but a time to help keep his gang alive from upcoming threats.

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Harley Pavlovich


------------ The Navy ------------

Harley joined the Navy when she was 16. She started as a mechanic/engineer apprentice and worked her way into the Navy command ranks as she grew.

Harley was a fleet member of the Navy for as long as she can remember. She joined the crew of the ship ‘Liberty’ after 5 years of service.


After joining the Liberty her career as a member of the Navy fleet took off, she started getting promotion after promotion from the Grand Admiral ‘Rabbit’, she became fascinated with power, title and status and became very competitive with my other fleet colleagues.

After years and years she worked her way up to the rank of Admiral and was close to becoming Grand Admiral. To her surprise when promotions came around, her colleague ‘Kiwi’ was promoted instead of her. Kiwi was obsessed with power and was very competitive towards Harley. When they were commissioned on a mission overseas Kiwi threw Harley overboard and left without her. He left Harley for dead. The closest place she could find was Los Santos. 

------------ Los Santos ------------

Los Santos was a scary place for Harley. She had never been anywhere outside of her hometown as a civilian. 

  After months of being lost, guns constantly pointed at her face and being robbed, she met the wonderful Ariadne Kouris, who was crying, at Central MD who she would never guess would change her life. Kouris and Harley quickly became friends after an incident with a man named Stan and a knife. and then Kouris introduced Harley to the rooks. Finally a family Harley felt connected with again, just like the Navy, Harley quickly applied, met Dmitri at a beach and joined the Rooks.


Ever since then she’s been a member of their family, they treat her well and she’s never been this happy since her Navy days.


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- The Story of Tony Rizzo -

After the war was dissolved, life for the Rooks should've returned to normal. 
But it didn't.

The tragic loss of Rose, and the departure of Zion and Al left an air of uncertainty throughout the family. Everyone was concerned for the future, not least of all was Tony, who had been out of the state on business matters for a good amount of time.
His promotion to Viscount was certainly welcome; it was something he was working towards for a long time.
But coming at a time like this, he couldn't help but reflect on his life thus far.



- Flashback -

With the knowledge he learned from his father, Tony would've likely joined the family business and become a mechanic.
That is of course, had he not developed a taste for rock, racing, and rebellion.

A hotshot by the time he graduated high school, Tony Rizzo was an up-and-comer in the Broker underground street racing circle. A self-proclaimed revolutionary, most wrote him off as a kid who'd seen a few too many movies. Most people raced for the competition, or the respect. Tony on the other hand, raced for the freedom, breaking away from what he felt was keeping him down. He loved the rush of it, and chased it like a high. Despite his family's shop, he had to pay for repairs and upgrades to his prized Gauntlet. And for that, he needed money.

<photograph recovered from an old friend's social media account>

- Life of Crime -



It was just about as simple as it could be: scare off the clerk, smash the register with a bat, and grab whatever he could in ten seconds. Usually, nobody had to get hurt, and he'd make it out with a couple hundred bucks easily. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. Sometimes, people want to fight back, and sometimes ten seconds isn't enough to grab enough to even pay for the bus ride over. He considered occasionally finding more legitimate work. But at the same time, he didn't want to stop. As far as destroying the establishment goes, there wasn't much better than this. On top of that, doing this gave him something familiar: a rush. The rush of holding down the place and taking what he wanted far excelled the rush he got from racing.



He decided he needed a crew. Employing the help of some friends from the racing scene, they'd clear out a store in ten seconds flat, no fuss. One of them even had a gun, making it easy to prevent anyone from playing hero. The going was good for a good while, until the day it came crashing down. 

Like every time before, they went in and scared everyone down, leaving Tony to grab the loot. From the crew's places elsewhere in the store, nobody saw the clerk hit the panic button. Nobody that is, except for Tony. He was about to say something about it when he stopped, and took a good look at her. She looked about the same age as Tony, who was 23 at this time. She looked terrified, and he knew she didn't wanna lose her life over a minimum wage job. And he knew that they'd shoot her if he said anything.
So he didn't.

Staying behind the register with the cash bag, Tony called out that it was time to go. Everyone ran out the front, and piled into the getaway car they had stashed in an alley. Everyone except, of course, Tony, who ran out the back door. As the sounds of sirens approached, Tony threw the bag in a dumpster, alongside the mask and jacket he had on, and started running as fast as he could towards home. That night, his three friends were on the news, having been caught after a chase. As he watched it, he knew the word would spread that Tony ditched them; he could never go back to the races. Hell, he might not be safe in Liberty City anymore. He packed his bags, and returned to the dumpster where he threw the cash bag. Taking out the contents, he headed for the airport, making arrangements for his car to be sent wherever he ended up.

- Next Stop -

 After a hasty exit from his old life, Tony wasn't looking for any trouble. All he had to his name was his Gauntlet, that he lived in for the first few months of his new life in Los Santos. He decided to leave behind street racing, considering his own safety and keeping his head down. He often thought about the crew he'd betrayed, the former friends he'd left behind. The guilt ate at him every day. Was it right for him to put the life of the girl over the freedom of his friends? Every answer he came up with made him more and more frustrated, until it drove him to swear that he would never backstab anyone who gave him their trust again.

 After being fired from his job at the post office for hanging out at Tequila-la while on duty, he set out to find a new line of work. While not eager to return to smash-and-grabbing store registers like he did back home, he didn't rule it out as an option. He started gambling more and more, thinking if he could get just one lucky break he'd be set.
One night, after a particularly bad streak of luck at the casino, he met a woman who'd introduce him to the underbelly of paradise. One tour of the states' most notorious chopshops later, and he found himself his new profession. The rush he got was different from the rush he got from grabbing cash, but it was a good different.


After spending enough time in the criminal underworld, the rush of carjacking wore off, and it wasn't long until Tony found himself deep in the drug trade of San Andreas. Even sober, the rush was fresh, it was new, and it was exactly what he was looking for. Over time, he perfected his craft, and took great pride in his skills, managing supplies, and maxing profits. From this, he developed a bit of a cocaine habit, but nothing too serious.


On a day like any other, he was hard at work at a lab, when two men in dark clothes drove up. Tony prepared himself for a fight, but that wasn't what they were looking for. Instead, they talked, telling jokes and hanging out, quickly forming a friendship. The men introduced themselves as Mack Tylar and Johnnie Everdeen. They said they were Rooks, a gang rising out of the ashes of the LS Irish Mob, and they asked Tony if he was interested. In that proposal, Tony saw an opportunity, a chance to grow, to prove to himself that his mistakes would not be what made him. Needless to say, he was interested.


- What's Next? -

His life of crime may have started out as thrillseeking or self-proclaimed rebellion, but under the wing of the Rooks, he quickly learned what it was to be a professional. As much fun as it was, he came to the realization that his life rode on playing the right hands, and that it was dumb luck he'd made it this far. With that, he embraced his new family,
and began a new goal in his life: to see that they thrived.

He kept in mind the mistakes he'd made thus far, and the promise he made to himself. That day at the store still haunted him, but he kept it in check. The hotshot rebel burned out that day, but from the ashes came something new; not a phoenix, but a Rook.



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The thread was looking a bit neglected for a while but this chain of character stories proves to me (and hopefully to everyone else) that you guys are determined to make this a great faction with excellent character development. Good work!

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37 minutes ago, alexalex303 said:

The thread was looking a bit neglected for a while but this chain of character stories proves to me (and hopefully to everyone else) that you guys are determined to make this a great faction with excellent character development. Good work!

Thanks dude. Got more updates coming. Big stuff. Little stuff. Medium stuff. 

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- The Truth Hurts, But Lies Hurt More -

To a Rook, the family is everything.

Associate Gavriel Arron had just recently come out of prison, after orchestrating a deal with Police Officer Xoza to trade himself for the release
of Rex Rogers and Tyler Rogers, as he believed them to be a greater asset to the family at the moment over himself. 
He believed sacrificing himself for them would be a sign of commitment, something to be congratulated on and recognized. But back when he
informed everyone of his plan, he was met with resistance. 


- Prior to the Deal -

Gavriel sought out Viscount Tony Rizzo, as he was the acting higher command in the city at the time, to ask for his blessing to carry out the trade with Xoza.
Tony was...less than thrilled at the idea.

"Gav, look, you can't just do this. I know you want my approval, but I don't think my word is good enough for this, it needs to go all the way to Dmitri. And honestly, I don't even know how I feel about it. What I do know, the cops, they don't care about holding up their end of the bargain, they care about putting us all away, you included."

He had tried to ask Dmitri, but the boss was not in the city at the time, and couldn't be reached via his powered off cell phone, likely to prevent tracking. Tony saw this as an important moment for himself. As the highest rank available, he knew he had to make this decision with the utmost care and consideration. Everyone was watching him for this.

At best, I'm looking at not catching heat, regardless of if it goes good or bad.
At worst, I'm excommunicado. 

Tony laid out every thought he had on this to Gavriel, mostly in an attempt to discourage him. In the end, he did not give him a definitive answer. It gnawed at him as Gavriel announced himself about to turn off his radio, and turn himself in.
The way he seemed so headstrong about it, so eager to do so, it understandably could've been a sign that he was working with the government, maybe feeding them information.
But at the same time, it could've been a young buck, eager to prove himself, climb the ranks and earn a name for himself.

Tony would later come to know that his gut was right, and that his lack of leadership had led to something far worse than simply working with police.
He knew he'd let his family down


- The Present Day -

An "interrogation" with a former Yakuza member was underway, being carried out by Viscount "12" Gauge Michaels,
Soldiers Ray Jensen, Peter Gowen, and Luke Slant, and led by Marquis Brandon Fitz.


A new device was being tested on the unlucky son of a bitch, supposedly some sort of military technology Gauge had used overseas. The premise was simple,
working like a lie detector, scanning the users heart rate. If they were determined to be lying, due to a quickened heartbeat, the device would
rip off one of five fingernails, setting the precedent that lying would not be tolerated. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty. 

Upon arriving to the scene, Brandon briefly talked to Tony about his new position.


"Now that you've got that jacket, you've got the power to make decisions, and you need to use that. You have to be able to make a
decision, even if it's the wrong one. I've definitely fucking made the wrong calls on things, and you have to be ready to do the same."

Tony nodded, understanding all of it.
He also informed him that he believed Gavriel to be on his last legs as a Rook. With this, and the interrogation,
Tony would come to find out just how much his lack of leadership affected his family.
During questioning, Gavriel exploded in anger at what he felt was a disrespectful attempt to align himself with the Rooks.

"So you want in, you'd only want it for the protection, is that it?"

"Well, I mean, no, I-"

"Let me tell you something. These people are my family. They're more than just family, they're everything to me.
<he points behind him, towards the dam>
Not even thirty minutes ago, I was ready to jump off that dam and end it all. <he gestures to everyone standing behind him> But they stopped me.
They all were there for me. And for that I'd do anything for them."

Tony was, to say the least, touched. As well as, to say even less, destroyed to hear that Gavriel felt this ashamed about letting down his
family with his actions. So ashamed that he could ever have been driven to the point of suicide.
After the test, Gauge approached Brandon and Tony, and laid out his idea: to use the device to test Gavriel for his
loyalty, and to find out if anything had been formed between him and the government. Despite them
all thinking what he said earlier was pretty heartfelt, they all agreed it would be a good idea.


Peter gave him the standard procedure, patting him down for a wire, and searching his phone for any fishy contacts.
When he determined there was none, and he hooked up the gadget to Gavriel, Tony felt it was time for him to say something.

"Gavriel, when you initially came to me for my blessing on the swap, I'll be honest I didn't know how I felt about it. On the one hand, making a deal with the police rubs me wrong in every way possible, and the thought that they might betray us and keep the three of you locked away made me incredibly hesitant. But at the same time, I thought about the 'good end,' what it would mean if we got out two high-ranking Rooks. I didn't give you a definitive answer then, I failed you as a leader. And I'm sorry."

With that, they began interrogating him.



- Trial -

As the trial began, Gavriel made a request: at the end of the test, they would let him purposefully lie, setting off the machine, and showing his dedication to the family. They gave their blessing, and began questioning. Every question, from his prior involvement with the Yakuza, to what Xoza said to him, proved his innocence. By the end of the test, the minds of the suits were made up: Gavriel was true to his core, a Rook. There was only one thing left to do. Brandon stepped up to ask one final question, ready for the lie.

"Who is the leader of the Rooks?"
Gavriel steeled himself. "Me."

Peter checked the readout from the device, citing a notable spike in heart rate. It whirred, activating quickly, popping off Gavriel's fingernail.
Everyone groaned, turning away, as it's still just as disgusting and as painful to watch the second time around.

As the group went to congratulate him on clearing his name, they realized something was wrong. Gavriel seemed to be in much
more pain than the last person to have the device used on them. Peter looked at the readout, and realized he was about to pass out.

Through labored breath, he began to explain. He had recently received a gunshot wound to the chest, one that was improperly treated with unsterile tools by a Department of Corrections guard. The stress from the fingernail caused it to rip open, showing an infection that had likely been going on for a while. Springing to action, they attempted to cauterize it with a knife, heated up from the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle. When it proved ineffective, they rushed him to the hospital.


- Surgery -

Bursting through the front door of Central MD, Brandon frantically looked for a doctor. While he did that, Tony and Gauge let themselves
into the operating room. If they needed to, they were gonna do it themselves. Thankfully, they didn't have to.


Brandon came back into the room, with two doctors in tow. They set to work immediately, strapping Gavriel in to the table, and putting him under. As the doctors cleaned up, they politely asked those who weren't medically trained to leave the room.
Gauge and Peter, both having basic medical training from their military service, cleaned up and stayed in the room, should the doctors need any help.


To call the surgery brutal would be an understatement. To call it a nightmare might even be too little. Everything the surgeon did, it almost seemed
to be beaten out by something new. Bits and pieces of shrapnel from the bullet were all over the inside of his chest, the infection
was dangerously far along, and everyone had to come to terms with the very real possibility that they would lose Gavriel. 


What felt like hours passed. Sitting out in the hallway, looking through the window, it all felt hopeless. To welcome him home with open arms, only to lose him.


A call went out over the radio for everyone to come watch, and if need be, pay final respects. Friends both in and outside the family came by to watch the tragic affair.



- Prior Experience -

Far along into the surgery, the surgeon attempted to cauterize the wound, this time with more professional means. However, as luck would have it, the tool failed him.
Frustrated, he picked up another, only for it to fail him as well. Frantically, Gauge and Peter asked to step in, believing they had something that would help.
He relented, allowing them to take up the reigns.

"Don't worry Doc, we've got prior experience from our time in the military."

Popping the magazine out of his gun, Gauge took out a bullet, and cracked it open over the wound, pouring the gunpowder out over it. Everyone in the hallway started crowding the window, confused as to what the hell they were watching. If anything, they thought they'd lost their minds, and they were trying to worsen the infection. Peter then lit the powder, efficiently cauterizing the wound, and helping stabilize Gavriel’s life.


As Gavriel later woke up, he was surrounded by his friends, and moreso his family. Gauge explained to him what happened, and that they saved his life with a trick often done by battlefield medics when there is no other alternative. He was thankful, more than that he was grateful, not only for his life but for the Rooks, his family. The doctor told him he needed to take it easy for about 2 to 3 days, and that his right arm wouldn't be very mobile for the time being. After he had healed, he would be as good as new. Gavriel, though displeased with the idea of sitting idle for any amount of time, understood what it meant, and vowed he would return to work as soon as he could aim a gun again.



The family is everything.

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Graveyard Shift
(Short Story)


Soldier Luke Fitz brought forward a potential new associate to be tested. For the test run, Tony decides to put him through his favorite course: chemistry.

"I take a lot of pride in my drug runs, I wouldn't doubt it if I were one of the best cooks in the state. Hell I wouldn't
doubt it if I were the best seller either, I got the vertical integration down to a SCIENCE."

He wasn't just all talk, he really did push himself to be the best dealer; considering he was still alive, he felt pretty close to it.


After cooking a batch of meth, the prospect confesses to him that he doesn't know how to cook LSD.  Fortunately for him, Tony didn't see it
as a dealbreaker, but instead a learned opportunity. He sets to work immediately showing him how to do it, feeling big.
It'd been a while since he got to show off his cooking skills to someone new.


"See? Nothing to it, just gotta follow the recip-"
Tony notices out of the corner of his eye that the tablet he just cooked didn't quite look right, and moments later it fell apart.
The fuck?

Looking over at the pre-prospect, who had been watching him, Tony realizes what happened. In all his excitement (and flexing), he didn't realize he screwed up the order.
The order that he had just taught to the pre-prospect.
"Wait no don't put that-!"



He was...embarrassed to say the least.


"What the sus?" - Luke Fitz

But at the end of the day (well, start of the day), everyone gets paid. They had a good laugh about the screwup and went their separate ways for now.
This new guy seemed promising.


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We are a family, and the loyalty of the family must come before anything and everything else. For if we  honor that commitment, we will never be vanquished- but if we falter in that loyalty we will all be condemned. 



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Winter has come

"Gauge Michaels is planning to overthrow Dmitri"

His own little brother Luke was speaking these words to him after leaving the Rook family, and Brandon couldn't believe it. After getting dressed into warmer clothes and switching to his BF400 for the winter, Brandon had to handle a mutiny. The same kind of mutiny that ruined the Irish and brought forth the Rooks existence in the beginning.


Brandon had work to do.


After calling Parliament to recruit someone new to the family, High Command made the decision to give the people associated with Gauge and the Coup D'etat the chance to come clean. Ray Jensen came clean and after taking another vote, Ray was thrown from the crane. Ray Jensen was no longer a Rook.


Shortly after, Tanjiro's involvement was to be dealt with. He was given the same opportunity that Ray was given. The vote was made, and Tanjiro was told he still had a place in the Rooks. He decided he could not remain without Ray, and the flesh containing his Rook tattoo was removed from his arm.


After meeting with Gauge at the bank, The Rooks and Gauge Michaels were at war. And it wouldn't end until Gauge drew his last breath.


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Part 1: Ray Jensen

These stories serve as an expansion on three separate events that transpired over the course of a few days, changing the future of The Rooks forever.

The snow fell over San Andreas almost overnight, barely disturbing even the most restless of individuals. Amidst the calm tranquility of the snow covered fields of Grapeseed, one could almost imagine that all was right in the world, far away from the shouts and cries of Los Santos, and far away from the shots that rang out from The Wanted and The Council. Here, a meeting took place for The Rooks. Promotions were handed out, some long overdue and eagerly anticipated. Some came as a surprise. Such as the case with Tony Rizzo and his promotion to Enforcer.

As Tony has come to know, promotions come with a reason.



Hours later, he met with Duke Brandon Fitz, and Boss Dmitri Leroy, who informed him of some of the worst news possible.



"Gauge Michaels has spoken to the Triads about joining them attempting to skip their early ranks. They brought this information to us, as they had no intention of letting anyone do that, much less if they had potential intentions to hurt the Rooks. However, unbeknownst to the Triads, in the event that he would not be welcome there, he has planned a coup of the Rooks. THAT information came from some loyal members that stepped forward after being approached to make a vote. We have the names of everyone who was present for this vote and what they voted for.

Confirmed by now three people: Ravyn Black, Marcus Hunt, and well, Luke Fitz. Ravyn immediately told us, so there's our first source."

It was then that Brandon let out a sigh. He appeared dejected, sadder than Tony had ever seen him. "On another bad note, Luke Fitz is sadly no longer with the family."
They went on to explain that Luke had voted in favor of the coup, unlike Ravyn and Marcus who had voted against it. Luke's patience was at its end though apparently,
as he just up and left, after going on a major rant on the radio frequency about all of his problems with how the family did business. He also made a point that he didn’t like the idea of sitting on the sidelines during the war, and wished to join it.
"After he left, he did inform me of the coup, that's the second source."

In contrast to Brandon's dejection, Dmitri was too bewildered to be sad. "It was honestly one of the strangest things I've ever seen, like it straight up came
out of nowhere, as we were talking about going to do something he wanted to do in the first place."

With now two different sources illustrating two halves of the same picture, they knew they had to work fast. As soon as Michaels caught wind that they knew,
he would likely go into hiding, and punishing him would become very difficult.

(image by Ravyn Black)



The Next Day

During a parliament of Rooks, called to evaluate the future of a potential Rook and finalize their recruitment, Dmitri paused the procedure for an announcement.
A recruitment, that Gauge was coincidentally not in attendance of.

He told the family of Gauge's plot, much to the shock of everyone. Dmitri then gave everyone a chance to come clean, to announce if they had been involved in this coup, and if they had, they may have a chance to climb down the ladder, rather than going down another way. He began counting down from eight, and if the guilty would not step forward, they would be thrown off, with no chance to explain themselves. The air was tense, as nobody spoke a word.


Ray Jensen stepped forward, announcing his involvement. Dmitri nodded, confirming the source that Ray was guilty.
He was questioned intensely, as no trace of doubt could be left. He explained that he had intentions to leave The Rooks for a while, but had simply never
found the right time to. When Gauge told him of his plot, he decided he'd go along with it, especially if it came with a spot in The Triads.
He concluded by saying he didn't have faith in Gauge's ability to lead The Rooks anyways.



"If you wanted to leave, that's fine.
If you wanted to stage a coup because you felt it was the best option for the family, that's fine.
But you want to burn down the house, and instead of building something new you want to leave it a ruined mess that the rest can't clean up."

Dmitri's analogy landed successfully. Ray's position in the family was no more, that much was clear, but what wasn't as clear was the method Ray would descend back down to earth.
Like many things in the family, it was put to a vote during parliament. It ended in a clear decision: he would be thrown off the crane with the failed recruit.

Had Ray been a Rook, he would've flown.

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Detective Shadow
Part 1: To find a shadow you must first cast
a light.

In recent times Dmitri Leroy and his close associates have been the target of investigations resulting in the tracing of their phones and the presence of detectives on their radio frequencies. Multiple Rook members, after encountering overzealous law enforcement, reported back to high command of the bribes they had received from detectives attempting to gain information into their organization.

Dmitri awoke one day from Pillbox hospital with a hazy memory and significant limp to his walk. Upon arrival to one of his vault houses he noticed the front door had been smashed in by something blunt and bright yellow police tape across the front door... His heart sank and he recalled the contents..


It wasn’t until he picked up a radio from one of his other stash houses and got back with his associates did his largest fears get confirmed.

“The Detectives hit your house. They were talking to us on the frequency and confirmed it”
“The.. the fucking pigs?! How did they....”

He was cut off by Brandon Fitz.

“I don’t know how, but they confirmed it alright”

Dmitri paused to envision some smug ass detective standing over his hard earned blood soaked hardware. He felt empty as he envisioned this image.. and image that burned into his brain and would not soon be forgotten.


It was decided at that moment that the detectives of Los Santos would have to answer to their actions and someone would surely be paying the price for this. Somehow they had gotten into one of his secure Vaults and raided its contents. Somehow they had followed him..

This was not the time to delegate. This was not a job that could be done cleanly by just anyone. It would require planning and perfect execution to be in and out without a trace. Not to mention he wanted to be there to witness it, he wanted to Feel and see the detectives pain.

Dmitri is typically all business, however on this occasion.. This was play.


After laying out his plan Dmitri went through the process of collecting materials and setting up ways to gather Intel on his targets. He needed to get them alone, away from fellow law enforcement, and out of their vehicle. He put his gloves on to eliminate fingerprints, changes his clothes to not be identified and purchased an illegal untraceable scrapyard car from the local junkyard using cash only. He quickly got to work setting up his camera system for better information gathering.


He placed two cameras; one viewing the front side and one viewing the backside of mission row. He was sure to be out of sight of any government cameras as to not get caught.
It would take multiple weeks of surveillance for the right moment to come requiring him to replace the batteries and check up on his setup almost daily to ensure operation.

It took patience and determination to keep up with the daily maintenance of surveillance while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. However he knew it would be worth it in the end.
It was a standard day much like any other. Dmitri was watching, following, and tracking the movement of detectives around the clock for a week straight now. He had gathered a sort of pattern for a few of them; detective shadow being one of them.

Detective Shadow was once again without a patrol partner as was usual for this time of day and all Dmitri had to do was wait for the right moment to strike. He was probably doing paperwork for the last few hours.. Would today be the day he was caught slipping? If not, Dmitri would just be back at it again tomorrow determined to get the information he's looking for: Do we have a snitch?

Dmitri was getting angsty. It was almost Shadows lunch break. Would he skip it again in favor of paperwork or worse, actual police work? ‘Let’s hope not’ he thought.


“There he is” Dmitri mouthed under his breath with a hint of excitement in his voice as he put his phone away pulling himself from the video feed of mission row to look up at the real thing. It was time to follow shadow and see if tonight's the night he could finally make the move.



Disguised inside the unregistered scrapyard car Dmitri began to follow Shadow looking for his moment to hit and abduct him. “Where was he going?”

After a few minutes of tailing him at an unnoticeable distance the detective pulled to a casual stop outside of a nearby general store and went inside undoubtedly to pick up his food for his lunch break. 


Dmitri repositioned himself closer seeing Detective Shadow drinking water outside of the convenience store fully exposed.

’NOW’S THE TIME’ he thought.



Standing there alone with a bottle of water in his hand Detective Shadow was at gunpoint before he could realize what had hit him. Dmitri used a
disguised voice the entire encounter as to not give any notice to his identity.. The man was a Detective after all.


He was quickly searched of his belonging and parted from his phone before being forced against his will into the trunk of the scrapyard car. Dmitri was not playing games and was not wasting time. He had a fleshy source of information in his hands and planned to squeeze it for what it was worth.



“They took too much from me and I aim to take it all back.” - Dmitri Leroy

To be continued in Pt 2! (few days)


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Wow, I guess Shadow retaliated for me. 😄 -  But he's probably gonna expose me now ^,^ - But we've met a few times before already, I guess.. 

Nice content anyhow.

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