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Marijuana Legalization in San Andreas

Marijuana Legalization in San Andreas  

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  1. 1. Do you agree with the legalization of medicinal and/or recreational marijuana in the state of San Andreas?

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    • I agree with the legalization of recreational marijuana.
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Written by Thomas Voight
Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Do you agree with the legalization of recreational and/or medicinal marijuana in the state of San Andreas? Share your opinion in the poll above!

          The demand for legalization of recreational marijuana has gone up significantly, and it seems that most of the population within San Andreas would agree with legalization, but the question is: What has stopped legalization thus far?

Marijuana in San Andreas:

          Currently, the available marijuana within San Andreas isn't the best of strains and there is usually only one or rarely two, but you never actually see people getting highly stoned (no pun intended) off of smoking a blunt, which would normally cause people to be stoned for at least two hours. There has yet to be any scientific research on the marijuana available to us in San Andreas in regards to whether or not the drug is safe for adult use, but what we do know for sure is that no one has ever died due to a marijuana overdose unless laced with other hardcore drugs such as Heroin or Ecstasy. 

          Many people have tried to create polls and petitions to influence the San Andreas Government to legalize marijuana in the state, but these have all gone unanswered as the government has yet to publicly address it. Currently, officers tend to arrest people for Possession of Marijuana, only if they are carrying over seven grams of the drug but even then, there are exceptions and people can legally be arrested for possession of fewer than seven grams. 

Public Opinion on Marijuana:

          Earlier today, I interviewed two citizens of San Andreas, Rick Swavo and Rokuro Miyazaki, on their personal opinions on marijuana, why it was made illegal long ago, and why it should or shouldn't be legal now. Swavo's personal opinion on marijuana is pretty straight forward, "Marijuana helps people with anxiety and depression and has even more health benefits. People should be able to do what they want with their own bodies, especially when it doesn't harm you nearly as much as hardcore drugs do," while stating that marijuana is currently illegal because, "The government wants to capitalize off of profits when arresting people for something not-so-serious, money is the motive," and even showed his support for the fact that legalizing marijuana can and will increase profits for the government, "If we legalized marijuana and opened up dispensaries, it would lower crime rates and be taxed, which is beneficial to the government, while also allowing people to make profits off of their businesses. It's a win-win type thing," then ending his interview by saying, "Smoke that Dubie and don't be a Losie!"

          Following that interview, Rokuro Miyazaki approached me, requesting to do an interview on the matter himself. His explanation for why the drug is illegal was very similar to Swavo's, but yet so different, "Back in the day, the rich white folk didn't want the lower class making money. At the time, hemp was being used as an alternative to cotton as it was cheaper. They also saw that the drug made people high, so they banned it as it was becoming an easy source of money and then poured loads of money into Anti-Weed campaigns, advertising it to be bad," and then went on to state his current and personal opinion on marijuana, "They now find that it can cure seizures and help treat cancer, and it's a lot cheaper than other drugs they currently use to treat conditions like these. It's a valuable resource, and there isn't a lot of words to describe it, but it does have the power to change our current system in a great way," following up with a similar statement to what Swavo said, "Legalization would be beneficial for both the government and the people, it's for sure good. If I could open a store down the street and sell marijuana, I would!"

          Following the two interviews, people started to chant, "Make it legal! Make it legal!" It became obvious to me that the support for legalizing the plant is greater than the support for restricting it as it would not only lower crime rates, but it's just one more thing the government could tax!

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