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Community Update - Rule Clarification

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Rule Clarifications
July 17, 2019

Dear Eclipse Community,

Following a recent staff meeting, we've reviewed our server rules and questions surrounding them, and we've decided to release this short public service announcement.

1. Forum Report Guidelines Update - Evidence 

We are adding a point to the report guidelines which will state that evidence used in player reports may not be more than 48 hours old. That means if you intend on reporting another player, you must do it within 48 hours. This was added because we've noticed a rise in incidents where players save the evidence against players and only submit reports when it suits them. Players who deliberately withhold evidence to report players at a later stage will be held to the server rule "4. Harassment and Knowledge of Rule Breaches". 

2. Misuse of Character Name changes & Character Development

We felt as if it was necessary to clarify this; changing your name and role-playing that your past history is erased without role-playing a new character is not condoned by the administration team. Following last week's staff meeting, all staff members have been instructed to issue Non-RP punishments (If necessary) to players who abuse the name change system. 

Roleplaying a new character means that your name should change fully and other players should be strangers to you again. Adding a character or changing a character in your first or last name isn't proper. We are hoping to see script support for some type of character kill system in the future or a system where aliases are reset and you have to socialize to know people again.

3. Doing investigative role-play/asking /do questions over a /PM.

Developers confirmed during last week's staff meeting that we will be getting a command to implement soon where players can send /do's to specific players even if they are not on the scene. This is because due to game and script limitations, sometimes players need to be given descriptions of scene environments or answers to their role-play that they are performing. For example, if you have shot another player and a Detective or Investigator arrives at the scene and begins to collect forensic evidence, they should be able to ask you questions related to their RP, e.g. "Would your fingerprints be on the gun left on the scene?". Players are expected to answer these questions truthfully. 

The above is just an example and the usage of /do for investigative RP or to get environmental descriptions of scenes is not limited to any specific group, any player can use /do to ask questions to enhance their role-play scenes. Though, remember our powergaming rule and role-play actions that are realistically available to you and the type of character you play.


Eclipse Staff

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Just to clarify; (Might edit with more, check back). 

  • If you are involved in a police investigation from an incident in which you died (NLR applied) at, it shouldn't mean that you should ignore investigators attempts at closing their role-play, but they also cannot add new criminal charges to your record for an incident in which you died at. This is obviously just to make it more immersive, rather than suddenly stopping their attempts at doing investigative RP because they have the OOC knowledge of you dying. Detectives & Investigators write very extensive reports on the PD forums of incidents that they are involved in, and if you allow them to close up their role-play it causes you no harm and simply makes it more immersive for them.
  • If you have to logout from an incident that you died at; If Detectives/Investigators are doing their role-play, just politely let them know that you have to logout. 
  • If you have to logout from an incident in which you got away, remember to comply with the Combat Logging rule. Detectives/Investigators may choose to chase up the RP later with you if they e.g. create a case file/investigations report. 

(These are clarifications for questions/concerns brought to me by the staff team, who had it brought to them by players).

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