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Brandon Powers

Make marijuana grow able indoors

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Basically we want this to be a function in our game, its an entire pot field that has everything laid out and ready for harvest come a full cycles growth.

This is only partiially what we want to see, theres no telling exactly what UI parts they will use to be able to make minigames for the weed.

I would like to see this implemented in the near future as this server has been out for some time and its good for big changes to happen early on to improve things for every player.

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Yes please

Marijuana is a peace symbol, when players drive to drug labs and fight over to grow weed we ruin the plant and it's non rp weed should be accessible to each hand like in real life we can't restrict everything in this game, let us grow marijuana inside homes or outside because we also can't do too much with houses

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If you take the statistics, it becomes obvious that marijuana is still relevant. i have nothing against it. I believe that this is everyone's choice. Someone sees this as an opportunity to relax. I'm no exception, but I'm more of a CBD user. Since the consequences of it are not so serious. Maybe I'm trying to justify myself. I do Not deny this option. By the way, I can suggest a good resource  CBD Health Canal . There I found all the information about this product, and there is also an option to order the product.

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Having been in a gang and fought over and raided drug labs, it's not very realistic, but I don't want to see drug labs completely go. Growing indoors seems maybe a bit OP unless police could get into your house by force or smth cause it is an infinite, no-risk steady income.

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