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14. Deathmatch (ID 69; 67)

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Player(s) being reported: ID 69; ID 67
Date of interaction reported: 2019-06-17
Unix time stamp from HUD: http://prntscr.com/o2wicy

Your characters name: Wendel Brickman

Other player(s) involved: -

Specific rule(s) broken:

" 14. Deathmatch (DM)
Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason.
Examples of valid reasons to attack another player:
• If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property.
• If they report you to the police for a serious crime.
• If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules.
A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands.
A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands.
If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s).
Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt.
The act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed.
Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of:
 Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.)
  Someone is attempting to take your life.
  Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen.
You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

Two players wanted to rob me, at the ocean drug lab. I came to the place not long before they did, which is why I had only 1 crack on me. After frisking me they were unsatisfied with low yield of the robbery. They believed that I have a stash vehicle nearby, which I had not. I told them how I got to the place, they didn't believe my story and proceeded to DM me.

Evidence of rule breach:

https://streamable.com/smzu5 - Footage of the event

http://prntscr.com/o2wq6r - players have been notified they are going to be reported.

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Hello Domis and Wendel, before I get in the lab I saw a lot of cars going in the lab so we waited them to leave the lab over the mountain and when they left there was a bike didnt leave so when we came and found you, you refused to tell us the location I was 90% sure that its yours and after killing you I found a bike hidden in the bush so I admit that its yours. 

Sorry about that, I'm sure that this may not be counted as a deathmatch. 

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19 hours ago, Wendel said:

2:06 of the footage shows me informing you about the bike. It was the only vehicle in the area that I was aware of, you still went ahead and executed me.

You said that in the same moment when I said shoot him. sorry about that buddy maybe I should have waited you but I did that because I knew you was lying to us. 

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On 6/17/2019 at 2:53 PM, Wendel said:

A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands.

this is stated in rule as you can see and you had time to stop shooting as well.


3 hours ago, Morrison said:

I knew you was lying to us. 

I wasn't lying to you guys at any point as that bike wasn't mine and all my vehicle were not even in the area of drug lab or around it.

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Hello, and thank you to everyone who responded with their side of the story. After extensively reviewing the provided evidence as well as taking the points stated above into consideration, @domis and myself have decided to conclude this report.

Player Tommy_Morrison will receive a punishment for Deathmatch | Offense #1.

Player Terry_Morrison will receive a punishment for Deathmatch | Offense #1.

First and foremost, we would like to address the deathmatch punishment of both players and the reasoning behind it. The issue that arises with this situation is that the actions of Tommy_Morrison and Terry_Morrison is not in accordance with our Deathmatch rules. The reporting party was fully compliant during this entire situation, and had done nothing to warrant himself being shot in the way that he was. Additionally, you had no way of knowing in whether or not the reporting party was telling the truth about having a nearby vehicle in which he could have possibly stashed more items, and simply shooting based on assumptions and thoughts is not allowed. If this was the case then any player could elevate the intentions and thoughts of other players and shoot based on that.

It is of my belief that this entire situation could have been avoided had more roleplay been done by the both of you. If you need to find out in whether or not a player has a nearby vehicle, there are other ways to do that. Roleplay looking for a vehicle key and see if it matches with the nearby bike that the reporting party mentioned, interrogate the reporting party even further. Shooting him and ultimately killing him would definitely fall under one of the incorrect ways to handle the situation. As valid and sufficient reason for killing him had not yet been established and the fact that you killed a fully compliant victim, the both of you are in violation of our Deathmatch rules.

Ultimately, this seems to be a case of you being too quick to attack another player rather than attacking them for misbehaving and or not following meaningful demands. The reporting party did nothing whatsoever that would warrant him being attacked in the way that he was. As players of Eclipse Roleplay we should all strive to provide the highest quality of roleplay that we can when encountering other players, and killing the reporting party as quickly as you did eliminates any good roleplay that could have come out of that situation. For future reference, when attacking players make sure it is for a legitimately valid and serious reason that would warrant it.

Thank you for making this report! @Wendel

Report is accepted and archived. 

Kind regards,

Dqniel & @domis

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