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ID 196 NRP

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Player(s) being reported: ID 196
Date of interaction reported: 16 june 2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1568697424

Your characters name: David Nickelback

Other player(s) involved:  ID 68

Specific rule(s) broken:


How did the player break the rule(s)?

So I was scouting around LSD lab and then this car came and gave me demands. So I was trying to escape and those guys with super car is just driving like this situation which would never happen with such an expensive car.

Evidence of rule breach:


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Hey I was the driver, 

Since It is allowed to off-road in a super car I started chasing you. I do have to say you sort of stunt jumped over those little bumps.

16 minutes ago, Hoxton_Curry said:


As you can also see in this picture the administrator says its allowed as long as the game mechanics allow it. If you take a look at the video I wasn't going full speed after you.

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Hello, and thank you to everyone who responded with their side of the story. After extensively reviewing the provided evidence as well as taking the points stated above into consideration, @HaminLord and myself have decided to conclude this report.

Player Lucas_Daniels will not receive a punishment for non-roleplay.

Player David Nickelback will not receive a punishment for non-roleplay.

First and foremost, we would like to address the lack of punishment for player Lucas_Daniels. As stated numerous times across multiple reports, off roading in any vehicle is currently allowed simply because the game mechanics allows it. We do not consider the actions of the Lucas_Daniels party to be highly unrealistic, and while the reported party could have utilized another type of terrain to chase the reporting party to make the situation more ideal, what he did was not against the rules in any way. For future reference, i sincerely encourage you to please not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit, as stated in the Player Report Guidelines.

Secondly, we would like to address the lack of punishment for player David_Nickelback. To start off, the rules state that unrealistic stunt jumping is not allowed, and i do not consider the jumps which can be seen in the provided evidence to be highly unrealistic, especially taking in the fact that the reporting party is situated in a vehicle which supports both driving in this type of terrain, but also going over small bumps. In addition to this, we have forwarded the video to other staff members who reviewed the background chatter in the provided evidence of this report, and it was concluded that nothing said there was related to an on-going situation or the current situation at all.

Thank you for making this report! @hashishas

Report is rejected and archived.

Kind regards,

Dqniel & @HaminLord.

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