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steazyx - Curtis Jacckson (Non-RP Behaviour)

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Account name: steazyx
Character name(s): Curtis_Jacckson

Admin who issued punishment: Lewis
Date of punishment: 5th June 2019
Punishment received: Non-RP Behaviour/Offense#1

Reason given for punishment:
"It is unrealistic for you to run out when there are eight hostiles and you're outnumbered 8 to one, and 3 of them have heavy weaponry."

Your explanation of what happened:
As I stated in my appeal I was in the store with two other people I just completely changed my outfit and I was already exiting the store with the intention of heading to the vehicle before I saw anyone outside, then while leaving I saw one car and believed it to be just one person,  once I was outside at 0:08 in my clip I realized it was two more people, then at 0:09 as I swiftly swing my camera across I can see more people who have heavy weapons and just as it ticks to the 10th second I pressed F to get into the vehicle and was already shot at. I literally had under two seconds to make something of that situation and when I processed what was going on I tried to exit the car at which point it was obviously already too late as I died right when I tried to exit the vehicle (you can hear the keystroke and see the door beginning to open)  and feel like this was a very very very short window for me to process what was going on and to act accordingly (which again I tried to, as I processed everything, by trying to exit the vehicle).

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
As Lewis stated it would be Non-RP behavior to run outside into 8 heavily armed hostile people which I completely agree with, but I was leaving the store before I saw anyone outside with the intention of getting into the vehicle and once outside I had under two seconds to make something of the situation and until I got into the vehicle no one was showing any hostile attitude towards me, once I entered the vehicle and one of the people told me to put my hands up I completely realized what was going on and how many people there actually where but was immediately killed. I still stand by that I was not given enough time before being shot at as I didn't endanger anyone's life or anything similar to that nor did I try to drive off and was trying to behave in a realistic for my life fearing way once I had processed the situation.

I have a lot of playtime and never broken any rule, and in my eyes I obviously didn't  try to break any rule here either and feel like I should not have been issued Non-RP Behavior.

Post any evidence or further details:

clip of the situation:

My FearRP appeal which resulted in me being issued Non-RP Behavior:

The original DM report which resulted in me being issued FearRP:


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