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ID 241 DM

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Player(s) being reported: ID 241
Date of interaction reported: 13/06/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1560451108

Your characters name: Kiara Jenkins ID 27

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatching


  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason.

  • Examples of valid reasons to attack another player:

• If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property.

• If they report you to the police for a serious crime.

• If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules.

  • A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands.

  • A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands.

  • If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s).

  • Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt.

  • The act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed.

  • Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of:

    1. Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.)

    2.  Someone is attempting to take your life.

    3.  Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen.

  • You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

So I had just got released from prison and was waiting for a ride when ID 241 runs up to me and says hello, I say hello back and then he tells me to give him all my money, because he gave me no specific demands like "get your hands up and hand over your money" and because I had just got released from prison I try to reason with him and tell him I had no money on me and he says "Ah ok lets be friends". So I agree, he then asks me if I had a car and I say no I have a friend coming to pick me up, he then says "shit" and he just hits me with a hammer. I was pretty low hp from prison already so he hits me once then I dont do much because I thought it was a misclick but he then hits me again without saying it was a misclick. I ask him OOC why he did this then IC he calls me a bitch and runs off. No RP was done, no specific demands were given like hands up or on your knees. It was just give me all your money, I tell him I dont have any then he downs me with a hammer. I almost died from this but medics were able to save with a tick of health left. Pretty annoyed about the whole situation because I had just got done doing a max sentence and was in a hurry to get taken back into the city when I had to deal with this situation and poorRP.
Evidence of rule breach:

Unfortanetly my plays.TV wasnt open and when I did open it and hit record it just got the PM's with him after that I had but not the actual incident but I did screenshot my interaction with him because it was all done by text. But in the PM's he doesn't deny hitting me with the hammer and seems to have little knowledge of the DM rules. During the PM's he claims he had several reasons to kill me but yet didn't state any. I will also place screenshots because plays.tv quality isnt the best. Sorry if I couldn't get actual footage of the incident for hopefully this will be enough and can get his side of the story will clear things up.






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Only the video provided unfortonatly and the screenshots of the interaction leading up to the event as it was mostly done through text, but in my PM's with him when I try to explain he just DM'd me he doesn't deny not hitting me or anything that went down. Maybe ID 241 has some video evidence. Sorry its not much to go on and I understand if it's not enough.

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Thank you for creating this player report, in attempt to better our community.

@Artic550 I am so sorry that this has happened and I highly encourage that you record all of your game play in the future. Report is going to be denied due to lack of evidence.




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