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tyler jones

ban appeal - Elijah Jones

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Account name: Tylerjones

Character name(s): Elijah_Jones

Admin who issued Punishment: Serthon

Date of punishment: 11/jun/2019 15:58pm

Punishment received: Permanent Ban

Reason given for punishment: Cheating

Your explanation of what happened: well what happened was i spent 7 hrs straight making money, as i was excited to start playing, so i took a break with my game minimised my friend came around and was chilling, my parents asked to do a few jobs around the house so my friend was on my PC playing games he's normally okay to trust, then i didn't i would take so long, so i come back to my friend saying i'm sorry so i look at the screen and showing permanent banned for cheating. i questioned him and he said he was bored and was using cheat engine to mess around and teleport"using cheat engine". hes so fucking stupid i kicked him out i was so tempted to beat the shit out of him "not a violent person"

Why should your appeal be accepted?: personally i know cheating is bad and not tolerated i hate cheaters, my main game is CSGO and it ruins the game, im glad you caught him on my account because i'm happy to know you guys are good at catching cheaters and keeping the server safe, i hope just something can get worked out here because i waited so long to join and i got friends on here and would love to spend a lot of time here. i know its a slim chance it will be successful but it's worth a try and i appreciate your time looking into my appeal. You guys got such a great community even when i was waiting to get accepted i was on discord helping people as well as learning. All i can say really. thanks

Post any evidence or further details:

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i thought it was bugged as it wasn't showing anything
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Hello and thank you for appealing.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your appeal due to nature of the ban being so serious. We wish you good luck with your future endeavors.

Appeal denied

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