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ID 64 (9.2 Non-rp and 13.2 Fear RP)

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Player(s) being reported: Darius Bivins
Date of interaction reported: 13/06/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: ec9a4c9333.jpg

Your characters name: Jack Bowers

Other player(s) involved: Penny Banner, Robert Jeys, Saul Lewis, Greg Bivins

Specific rule(s) broken:

  • Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay:

• Cop Baiting - Provoking a reaction from emergency services without a realistic reason.



When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

First off, this picture will explain the cop baiting. He would call us TOO him, he has no guns, no motives, just that he was consistently calling us like this and then would get us into a chase, ramming our vehicles, no weapons, no real use of hostages they just happened to be in the bus, yelling bivins gang n stuff. This is definitely not the first time. He did it twice that I saw tonight, but I only captured this one: 45a8ec026a.jpg


Second one was in the video in which I had him near at gun-point while his engine was stalled, he chose to ignore that fact and drove away, he then drove the bus off a cliff and then bailed, somehow surviving the steep cliffs. Video for some reason can't hear myself, will see about fixing that for next time but context clues can give you hints as to what I'm saying.

Evidence of rule breach: 

Pursuit 1:44:00 to 1:59:00

Him breaking FearRP: 1:58:00

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Hello, and thank you to everyone who responded with their side of the story. After extensively reviewing the provided evidence as well as taking the points stated above into consideration, @domis and myself have decided to conclude this report.

Player Darius_Bivins will receive a Non-Roleplay punishment for breaching the Fear Roleplay rules | Offense #3.

Player Darius_Bivinss will receive a Non-Roleplay punishment for using a scripted work vehicle for criminal purposes | Offense #4.

Player Darius_Bivins will receive a Non-Roleplay warning for the unrealistic driving being displayed during this situation.

First and foremost, we would like to address the punishment of Non-Roleplay relating to the breach of fear roleplay. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that as you are in the bus with a stalled engine. You repeatedly attempt to start the engine back up, and when you successfully do so you drive away all while the reporting party was holding you at direct gunpoint in close range while repeatedly making demands for you to follow. The issue that arises with this situation is that you are in violation of our Fear Roleplay rules. If you are held under direct gunpoint at close range, which essentially means that you are in a vulnerable and life threatening situation, you are expected to display an adequate and realistic amount of fear for the life of your character, and follow every demand given to you as one instinctively would do in real life. While you were situated in a vehicle at the time, the engine of said vehicle was stalled which would mean that you are not exempt from acting under the Fear Roleplay rules, and that your life was still in direct danger. It is of my belief that your first instinct while under direct threat should not be to repeatedly attempt to start the engine before ultimately driving away, but rather comply with the demands being made upon you as you were completely defenseless and unarmed at the time.

Secondly, we would like to address the punishment of Non-Roleplay relating to using a scripted work vehicle for criminal purposes. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that you used a scripted work vehicle from the bus job in order to criminally evade police officers as well as ram into them at times. The purpose of the scripted work vehicles are as the name suggests, to fulfill the duties of said scripted work and doing otherwise, specifically using it for criminal purposes would fall under non-roleplay and is not allowed.

Thirdly, we would like to address the warning of Non-Roleplay relating to the driving during this situation. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that in multiple instances, you drive in certain locations or terrains in which buses would not be able to realistically do so. Driving a bus up the mountain or driving it full speed off the mountain edge does not promote good quality roleplay, and is not realistic in the slightest. Taking advantage of game mechanics and the fact that the action you commited was unrealistic in order to escape the officers and the situation is not in the spirit of how we intend for players to roleplay with one another, and i sincerely urge you take this into consideration when moving forward, should you be faced with another situation where you are chased by officers.

While i do appreciate your sincerity and the fact that you apologized for your actions and behaviour displayed in this situation, that does not excuse it. As players of Eclipse Roleplay we should all strive to provide the highest quality of roleplay with any player(s) that we encounter, and some of the actions committed by you during this situation not only diminished the quality and roleplay for other players in your surroundings, it also cut what could have been a potentially good roleplaying scenario very short and instead made it one of inconvenience for the ones involved. I understand that you realize in hindsight that your actions were wrong during this situation, and i appreciate the fact that you took time to be fully honest and acknowledged your mistakes.

Thank you for making this report! @VeridianPhantom

Report is accepted and archived.

Kind regards,

Dqniel & @domis

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