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Unban Appeal - Qaran_Mostiff

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Account name: Iseeulikebleach (This is the account that is linked to the other account that actually got banned by IP since i dont know the other accounts name)
Character name(s): Qaran_Mostiff(Character that got banned) - Oscar_Samson - Carsen_Green

Admin who issued punishment: Lewis
Date of punishment: About a year ago.
Punishment received: Perma Ban

Reason given for punishment: Not here to RP

Your explanation of what happened: I was being extremely stupid and i decided to disrespect admins. I was obviously a bit younger at the time and i think
by now i have matured enough to make sure what happened wont happen again. It was extremely immature and just plain stupid of me.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I've been looking to appeal for a month now just to get back into the RP stuff as it was a lot of fun when I
was playing it and I hope I do get accepted as what I did happened over a year ago and although this is no excuse, I still hope you
understand that what I did was incredibly stupid and I do regret it. If I do get unbanned im willing to take the quiz again do whatever,
so please consider this.

Post any evidence or further details:


EDIT: I managed to find the account the name that got the actual perma ban - edgyl1lboy

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Thank you for creating this appeal.

This appeal will remain pending a response from @Lewis and review from a separate Head Administrator. 

Your patience during the review period is much appreciated.


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