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ID 32 (6. Advertising and Public Chat)

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Player(s) being reported: ID 32
Date of interaction reported: 12/06/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1560339285

Your characters name: Andy Ashwood

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken: 6. Advertising and Public Chat

6. Advertising and Public Chat

  • It is prohibited to advertise or discuss other GTA V multiplayer communities on any ECLIPSE platform including self created content promoted on ECLIPSE platforms.

  • All players must be able to communicate in English and IC chat must be English only.

  • Foreign language in-character must be done as such: “[Language] English Text”

  • Other languages may be used in private only if everyone who can see has agreed to it.

  • Players may use offensive language in IC chat for roleplay but not excessively.

  • Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context.

  • Global announcements must only contain IC content and must not be offensive (IC or OOC).

  • Global announcements cannot be used to advertise illegal merchandise or activities.

  • Global announcements made by players must be realistic and are considered advertisements.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

6. Advertising and Public Chat rules states "Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context." and also states "Global announcements must only contain IC content and must not be offensive (IC or OOC)."

I was letting another player know at the bank that his tyres were spinning (Dsync Issue). Everyone does this as it gets rather annoying as we all know. Another player then called me a cunt as you can see in the screenshot of the chat, he clearly though I was talking to him which I wasn't as he wasn't in a vehicle. Since he has (New Player) above his head I then informed him that swearing at someone in OOC was against the server rules and again he decided to swear at me in OOC chat. 

I understand that this is very petty but had he apologised and accepted this wasn't to be done then I wouldn't be making this report. However, these new players need to stick to the rules like anyone else and if he is genuinely new and has this level of disregard for the rules then he probably isn't someone we want in our Eclipse community. 

I was just going to let an admin know in game but nobody was on to respond to me as nobody answered the in game report. His abuse continued so this is why I am making the report here as he also asked me to do so as you can see.

The player clearly just has an outright attitude problem.

Evidence of rule breach:



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