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Account - Rhiome (Fail Fear RP admin warning)

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Account name:rhiome
Character name(s):Rhiomie Perl

Admin who issued punishment:DimitirS
Date of punishment:6/6/19
Punishment received:Non-RP | Offense #1 | Breach of FearRP



Here you can see they did not text anything


Here you can see where the admin told them they were in violation of DMing and at the time the rule was to establish if you can hear each other first or use text and they did not


Here is where You can see from their video they were walking up to me but were behind me, I could not hear them, it was dark, and the gun is so small I never saw it. It was only after they shot me I realized there was a threat.


Here is where I stopped driving and was trying to talk to them, if they could see me trying to talk and didnt tell me they couldnt hear me, they shouldnt have DMd me.


The admin never let me know he had received video evidence and so I thought I was being punished on here say. We waited more than 25 minutes to get the video evidence.

Here is where we asked if we could void the report


Here is their full video

Here is the full video of the report.


This is nothing against the admin at all, he was very helpful and appeared quickly. I just do not believe I should receive a warning with so many technical difficulties and all within 18 seconds.






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as I stated at the time of issuing the punishment it's on you to let others know that you can't hear their VoIP.

You deciding to just ride away on that motorcycle whilst having a weapon pointed at you at close range is a breach of FearRP, as stated in the rules


Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger:

• When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range.


While the rules back then stated that you must give your demands over text it would be really strange not complying with someone in the case that you've heard them only because they didn't give their demands over text.

Again, the FearRP breach is quite evident as you were pointed a gun towards you at close range.

Link to the video sent to me over Discord.  I was given this video from the opposing party where you can clearly see that you broke FearRP, you requested me to give you this video over Discord and I did give it to you so you can see.

I'd suggest next time you let people know if you can't hear their demands in VoIP, but again their intentions were evident the moment they pointed their weapons at you.


My personal opinion is that the punishment should remain in place, however, the final decision is completely up to the Senior Admin+ reviewing this.


Pending review from Senior Admin+


Best Regards,

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I agree with your comments that I should have told them over text as well. I was panicking that it was even happening and didn't know they couldn't hear me either. It all happened very fast and I believe that the fact that I stopped driving away is evidence that I wanted to continue RP and not breach the Fear RP rule. I accept whatever judgement comes of this and I appreciate the consideration to even be heard to begin with.

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Hello & thank you for appealing

The punishment is decidedly valid, as there was a weapon pointed at you at close range and you were not even in any sort of vehicle yet.

Appeal denied

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