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Simonas - Leo Kresas [Ban appeal]

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Account name: Simonas
Character name(s): Leo Kresas

Admin who issued punishment: Chuck
Date of punishment: 11/Jun/2019
Punishment received: DM | Offense #3 | FR | HaminLord & Chuck

Reason given for punishment: I ran over ID 173 without valid reason.

Your explanation of what happened:
Well, one of the biggest or maybe the biggest fight happened between Los Zetas and Irish Mob with their alliances. 
I was a bit confused what going on, so I ran over the first Zetas guy I saw to help my mates.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
1. I was already banned on 07/May/2019 and unbanned on 09/May/2019 (this rulebreak is from  27/04/2019 ). 
2. Since my unban, I did not break any rules. 
3. This footage of me breaking rules is really old. I agree that my actions were wrong but I changed my roleplay since my last ban.
4. This reason is not that much important, but I really enjoy playing on this server and I do not want to leave it that way. 

Post any evidence or further details: At 0:42 I ran over ID 173


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@Leo_Kresas, in the Player Report you said 

"Hello. 1. Ramming ID 173 was not intentional. I just tried to avoid crashing into vehicles which were coming to the fight. I saw a small gap on my right and drove there."

but now you said you did it in purpose to help your friends.

Due to this player not being truthful I would recommend this appeal be denied for a month.

Pending response from Head Admin 

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Hello, thank you for appealing.

Due to the contradicting statements (false statements), we cannot consider this appeal right now. We expect honesty in appeals and reports, but with these two statements, we can't tell if either is true. To give you some time to read over our server rules and RP guides, I am denying this appeal.

You can appeal on or after the 15th of July.

Good luck,

- Osborn.

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