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Scott Cleverley

id 120 (PG,NON-RP)

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Player(s) being reported: id 120
Date of interaction reported: 11/06/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1560200186

Your characters name: Carl Backwell

Other player(s) involved: Cyrus Raven

Specific rule(s) broken:

6.4 Powergaming/ non-rp / cop baiting.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

So we had a chase then he and his friend decided it would be a good idea to to start ramming us on a chase with a bike (remember they weren't even helping the man to escape they just randomly joined the chase and started to ram us. After we got him I was dragging him into a cruiser which he agreed to, i undragged him but rply didn't let him go and ordered to get in the cruiser (i undrag just to give people ability to rply try to escape), but then he started running we tazed him and me and cyrus rply  tried to grab him after tazing him and he just answered "no" and that happened like 2-3 times. at the end he started running again while we were rping and he just jumped on his friend bike and drove away.

Evidence of rule breach:



I understand the person is new to the server (maybe just alt), but this stuff shouldn't be tolerated even if you're new, i had encountered him few times before and he just tried to cop bait me, would insult and just run away, after I would lose his sight he would just start following me again. 

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I am Cyrus, just like to add that we try and be as charitable as possible to new players because they might not know certain commands or might not be an expert at roleplaying. However, this case, in my opinion, showed a blatant disregard for RP and showed that all they wanted to do was ''win''.

Edit: Would also like to point out that ID 6 who helped ID 120 escape seemed to not value his life at all, got tazed while on a bike and instantly got back on it with no regard for RP and continue trying to help his friend who was powergaming, wouldn't be surprised if they were metagaming on discord or something, but I have no evidence for this.

Edited by Kyle White Raven
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Hello Im the person that this is about I admit  I did these things and i accept my punishment When this is the first time interacting with police and i just didnt want to go to jail so i did everything possible to escape the police I admit and ill accept my punishment

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