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DimitriS (Staff Complaint)

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Player(s) being reported: DimitriS (Staff Member)
Date of interaction reported: 10/JUN/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1560196882

Your characters name: Vincent Galliano

Other player(s) involved: John Martinez

Specific rule(s) broken:

Creating rules that don't exist

How did the player break the rule(s)?

While I was being arrested, John Martinez (an LSPD officer), frisked me to look for ID. He did /do would I find ID? I replied /do no. I was roleplaying that my character did not have his physical licence card on him at the time.

DimitriS said that I automatically ALWAYS have my licence on me and I had to prove that I RPed putting my licence somewhere with a screenshot and /time otherwise it would be powerrgaming for me to roleplay not having my licence on me.

It's fairly conceivable that people don't always RP carrying ID on them. There is nothing in the rules that say that people by default ALWAYS have their licences on them, nor is there anything about having to PROVE that they have stored it anywhere.

Surely on a roleplay server I can roleplay not physically carrying my licence on me. It's not impossible to identify me, cops can RP fingerprinting me and using facial recognition cameras to identify me, or more simply ask for my name which he never did. My fingerprints & mugshots are in police databases so its pretty easy to identify me.

I don't believe it is a server rule or defined anywhere that by default I always have ID however it would be good to get this one cleared up once and for all.


Evidence of rule breach:

Input evidence linked or embedded here.

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Thanks for the report.

As discussed

The script makes it that you ALWAYS have your ID on you (licenses), the only reason why you wouldn't is if you don't script-wise have a license. If you don't want that, because we have no script support for it, you need to have RP'd it.

Report rejected, archived.

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