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Punishment appeal Gregor Smith

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Account Name: Mr2Peu
Character name: Gregor Smith

Admin who issued the punishment: Chrisy, BaillinByNature
Date of punishment: 07. May. 2019
Punishment Received: Permanent Ban

Reason give for punishment: Deathmatch

Your explanation of what happened: I was involved in a massive shoot-out and I killed a few guys without verbal warnings. It was a soft edge to DM and in the end I killed a guy with no valid reason.. Here is my first punishment appeal: 

Why should your appeal be accepted? : I was punished for almost 2 months for my 1st DM offence and I've learned my lesson and will not happen again.


Any evidence of further details:

Initially I was punished for killing the guy at 2:05 who on my screen pull out his gun and aimed for the guy next to him, since it's a poor quality it can't be see on the video. 
Anyway I consider that I DM the guy at min 2:20 so it was a valid punishment. 

Thank you for the time you spend reading this. 

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Thanks for the appeal

As mentioned by Ballin in your previous punishment appeal below

and this message image.png


We will not be unbanning you at this time.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. 

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