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sabrinaislovettv - Isabella David (Non-RP Offense #2)

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Account name: sabrinaislovettv
Character name(s): Isabella David

Admin who issued punishment: Archaeah
Date of punishment: 6/9/2019
Punishment received: Non-RP Offense #2

Reason given for punishment: "Mixing IC and OOC"

Your explanation of what happened: So my friend Kenneth Steven just got admin jailed for a reason I will not state since it doesn't have anything to do with this. But anyways I went back over to our friends they asked my ICLY what happened to Kenny, I said "He was mentally jailed by the gods" then two seconds later I was immediately admin jailed. I then put in a report 1 asking as to why I was jailed since that is where you ask questions and she immediately denied my report.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because this admin was abusing her powers, she had no right to even be spectating me or my friend unless there was a report on us. There was no report on us as we have legit done nothing to make anyone report us, so in my defence I would like to say this staff member should be looked into if she is just randomly spectately players for no reason. I know that staff don't do that as they like to roleplay as well so honestly she should be looked into because this is very much ruining RP for everyone and my experience here on the server. There are people who legit say "look at discord" in game or mix by saying "my heath is low" and what not yet the one time I said something that is BARELY even saying anything about OOC I get admin jailed. Like I would love to know you say that IC since someone asked you that IC, are you supposed to just /b then explain what happened and disregard the fact they asked IC. No that is not how roleplay works, you need to keep a the roleplay going or else you have bad roleplay and as a normal player you can't pause roleplay. 

Post any evidence or further details:


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Hello and thank you for the appeal. 

I watched you and your friends for a while and it was more than one instance of you mixing that led to the punishment. 


I was watching someone else at MD and then you and your friends drive up talking about shooting someone. So I started watching the group.


You then pulled up outside MD and there was an exchange where you were talking to somebody that was not in the game and you relayed that information to the people around you.

Then you headed to Sandy Shores MD where again you had a conversation about your life in your head. 

Your friend then was ajailed. You took his bike and met up with your other friend who asked where he was.

You responded with, "Kenny mentally got shoved into ajail by a god"


Looking back at the video you were also metagaming by talking to somebody that was not in the game while holding down N and relaying that information to your friends. You cannot do this and I will be adding a metagaming #1 to your record. 

You also proceeded to message me via discord to state you were not mixing which is not true.

You also state you see people mixing all the time, so if you choose to do this yourself knowing it is against the rules and you get caught, that is on you. 


I denied your report because there is an appeal system if you disagree with a punishment and want to appeal it. Which is the same thing I told you on discord when you refused to stop messaging me. 


This punishment should remain. Appealing party acknowledges what mixing is yet refuses to acknowledge she did mix. 

Pending Senior Admin +









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You legit act like people don't talk about their real life in the game. You are acting as if people don't do anything of that sort, you being a PD officer yourself knows people do this all the time yet you don't punish them and you decide to punish me. I don't know what you have against me since I have done nothing wrong but you continue to be a pest to me, if you want to continue to stalk in me in ADUTY please continue so. Because you will only be losing members by doing so, you had no right to even watch us that entire time when we had done nothing wrong. So obviously you have something against me which I don't get what, I don't even talk to you yet you seem to always be spectating me trying to find some way to get me banned. I would like a valid reason for your continuous ADUTY on me and my friends because this is getting outrageous, there have been numerous times I was out with friends and YOU jailed them because YOU think we did something wrong when we didn't. I will agree my friend was stupid for the stunt jumps but you are acting like you yourself haven't done anything stupid during your time on the server, YOU yourself seem to be acting like you don't talk about your real life or see people around you talk about their real life in the game. If that is how you are going to be as a staff member then always be on ADUTY and just kick and jail everyone at that point because everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the server does it while you are over here acting like I am the only one who does it.


Oh and punishing me for something that was after the fact on an appeal, nice I see what type of admin you are now. You go around giving people punishments on their APPEALS. Nice.

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