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Reece Curry - Perma Ban Appeal.

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Account Name: Reeceobz

Character name(s): Reece Curry, Amin Yakaba.

Admin who issued punishment: NBDY

Date of punishment: 5/6/2019

Punishment received: Permanent ban

Reason given for punishment: Disrupting Server Operations.

Your explanation of what happened: I was frustrated with the issues of the server at the time which was that the server was constantly being ddosed and no one was able to play. I said something along the lines of "This server is cancer" Which was not literal as i used to play on the server all day everyday and if i really thought the server was cancer i wouldn't invest my time and money into it. I never meant to cause any harm by the statement i made as it was out of anger. I also made a joke to a friend about something i shouldn't of regarding me getting unbanned which got posted into the fashion channel of the ECRP discord which was taken too far. This resulted in making my situation much worse and the joke should not of been made.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:

Out of my 5 months on the server i was unaware of anyone who had been banned before for saying things of disrespect towards the community so i didn't know that was a thing but i understand why i was banned. During my time away from the server i feel as if i have reflected on the situation and would be more then grateful for the chance to show how i would do things differently. I was a member of power in a well known official faction when i made the comment about the server during the attacks and now i have had time to look back i realise how that could affect things as i should of been behaving to a much higher standard than the normal player but i was frustrated like everyone else was and made the silly comment i did. I also have come to terms with how bad the joke i made actually was and how it could be seen as insulting especially from the comments that i recently made and would like to apologise for any damage i may have caused by saying that. When i was playing regularly i had a name for myself which was mostly good and i made a lot of friends during that time, I would greatly appreciate the chance to do this again if given the opportunity. I have wrote a apology to NBDY personally for the actions that i had taken in the past and would like the chance to prove myself and show that i really mean what i say.

Thanks for your time


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Hello. Thank you for appealing.

First of all, I'm a bit confused about your thought process, you're currently permanently banned yet you go on discord and participate in toxicity, whether it's a joke or not, it's still not OK. What I'm talking about is in reference to this:


So because of the above, and the reasoning behind your ban, we've come to a conclusion. We will be giving you a second chance, albeit, your final chance. A note will be added on your record that will explicitly state that any signs of toxicity or offensive behavior will result in your removal from the community, and this time, with no chance of coming back. It's now your responsibility to make sure that you contribute positively to the community by following our rules, and not become a part of the problem. 

Welcome back.

- Osborn.

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