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AmoORid3r - Discord and Forum APPEAL

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Account name: DonRider    
Character name(s): Samo Granados

Admin who issued punishment: NBDY
Date of punishment: 2019   January  31 when he posted < Samo is gone >
Punishment received: got banned from discord and Forum

Reason given for punishment: that should be for a  Racist picture ( Nazis Logo )

Your explanation of what happened: I saw that NBDY was posted " Samo Is gone " then i sent a picture, it was Narcos logo but accidently i posted 2 picture one of them it was for Narcos and another one it was for Nazi, i dont even know how did i post that pictures then i forgot to delete that picture, but i dont why i got banned from Discord

Why should your appeal be accepted?:Im so sorry about that racist picture cause that was at night in my country on that day i need to rest on that time so i forgot that to delete that shitty picture, i apologize for that racist picture (  من واقعا متاسفم برای اون عکس توهین امیز که بطور اتفاقی فرستاده شده بود.), and i dont know any thing about my Discord banning reason, and these things wont happen again, and i need my main forum account for incoming appeal for in game account

Post any evidence or further details:  discord id : AmooRid3r #7910  https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/43034-amoorid3r/

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Appeal will be denied at this time, you cannot accidentally post a picture twice. You may appeal again when you appeal your permanent ban in 3 months time as directed by Osborn below:-



Appeal rejected. Closed.

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