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Big Draco

SweatyDraco - Julio Caballero [Punishment Appeal]

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Account name: SweatyDraco
Character name(s): Julio Caballero

Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature
Date of punishment: 06/Apr/2019
Punishment received: Permanent Ban.

Reason given for punishment: Cursing profusely, Says he's done with the server.

Your explanation of what happened: Hello, thank you for taking time to read my appeal. I was new to the server, had recently acquired a weapon, a car and a cellphone.I then AFKed like an idiot and was robbed and killed (kind of DMed if you ask me.) I then made a report saying I was DMed while AFK, the admin told me he couldn't do anything about it because I was AFK. I was unaware of that rule and I had to go and reread the rules before I found out I was in the wrong. I don't believe it was BallinByNature at the time. After a while, nobody would RP with me because I had the New Player label over my head. I then got mad and requested to be banned via /report. Very idiotic mistake and I apologize for any inconvience. I was never here to rulebreak or cause any trouble, my admin record will reflect that. I just wanted a clean deep roleplay experience. 

Why should your appeal be accepted?: It's been a few months now and I took a long break and thought about my actions. I believe it was right to come and apologize for any inconvience I might have caused. I am sorry Eclipse RP and everyone involved in my rampant attitude I had from that situation. I promise I will never let myself get out of line like that again. I never directly wanted to disrespect or cause any harm to anyone on the server or the admin team. I was just salty about a bad situation, happens alot in roleplay. I am willing to man up and do better from here on out. I am much more responsible now and can handle the situation better than I did a few months ago. Sorry guys I really messed up. It really won't happen again if you can please show me some sympathy. I really want to give Eclipse an honest shot and I don't really feel like I gave myself a chance to explore all the possibilities the server can offer. 

Post any evidence or further details: I've recently got into college after dropping out of High School and got my GED and starting getting my life together. I am much more responsible than I was. Hopefully that can work as some type of evidence. Thank you for your time, peace. 

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