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ID 31 [(NLR) (FRP)]

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Player(s) being reported: ID 31
Date of interaction reported: 07/06/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1559867751

Your characters name: John Michaluk

Other player(s) involved: Wanted Crew that took part in the chase.

Specific rule(s) broken:

12. New Life Rule (NLR)

  • The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character spawns at a hospital. Players cannot force their own death.

  • The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it and the information collected in that time frame.

  • Example: A player is killed in a robbery. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death is not usable by the player in their new life.

  • All parties involved must avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. An exception is made for government faction members who may provide a faction duty service, though their memory being lost and inability to retrieve assets still apply.




13. Fear Roleplay (FRP)

  • Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life.

  • Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger:

When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range.

• When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range.

• When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger.

• Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover.

  • Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger:

• When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled.

• When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked.

• When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you.

  • As a victim, whose life is in direct danger:

• You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker.

• You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

The story began when ID 31 and his friends robbed one of the Wanted members at one of the drug labs. We did not see them, however we have succeeded to bring our member to the hospital and he was able to provide their description to us. We were looking for them for a good 30minutes or more, when we have finally found them and started a long chase. 

During the chase i have spotted a dead body of ID 31 and himself running in the area (Possibly trying to get his possessions back, however i can't prove this). I asked him what he was doing, but i let him slide, since we all did this at some point.

Previously mentioned chase has ended at the sea lab, where a big shot-out took place. Then ID31 comes out of nowhere and steals his friend's bike and just drives off, completely ignoring the fact that he died for whatever reason and should have not interacted with us.

Also he has run inside an area with about 5 armed people and drove off with weapons still pointed at him.


Also @seth has provided evidence that he was being hold at gunpoint (interacting with us) after i let him go on the train tracks.

Evidence of rule breach:



My footage: 



footage by @seth


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Hey and thank you for making this report! 

Player Grey_Strawcap [31] - Why did you run away on that motorcycle when you were at gunpoint on a motorcycle at close range with around 3-4 armed men/women in the area? Furthermore, did you die to that exact shootout and if you did why did you return back?

You have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story.


Best Regards,

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Just to clear it out. 

I am not accusing him of dying in this exact shootout, however he somehow died during the chase with us, in which he was involved. Therefore he should not have interacted with us for the next 30 minutes and/or remember about this situation.

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Since the reported party didn't respond after 24 hours have passed since the report I'll be concluding it based on all the evidence I was able to get from in-game and from the report itself.


Player Grey_Strawcap [31] DID NOT break the New Life Rule as by the footage, however, he had a weapon aimed at him at close range, whilst he was on foot.  

Therefore he'll be receiving a NON-RP Offense #1 for breach of NLR.


Thank you for posting the report once again @bumbalaga


Report is accepted and archived.


Best Regards,

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