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Unban Appeal - Jeffrey Anderson

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Account name: WhopperWithSeeesYT

Character name(s): Jeffrey Anderson

Admin who issued punishment: Punched

Date of punishment: 03/06/2019 - 19:36

Punishment received: Permanent Ban

Reason given for punishment:Your explanation of what happened:
Reason for my punishment was another VDM offense. The first VDM offensive in my opinion was obvious and clearly my bad. The other one I drove over a person that blocked the the way out of the Mechanic place when i tried escaping the police.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
I got the message that i got permanently banned from the Eclipse Server. I've been in the server for around a month now and it's 
the best Roleplay server I've played on so far. I spent this last month around 450 hours and i expected to be permanently banned one time. 
I want a unban because that i can get another last chance to not make any more mistakes. 
I have understood why i got the permanent ban and i apologize for the ones that i ruined their experience.
 I hope you look at my letter and understand that i really want to come back and play on the server and follow all of the rules.
 I recently planned on becoming a police officer on the other character, just got the firearms permit and all this happened which is unfortunate. 
I hope you can give me a last chance to change my ways and a last chance to not make any more mistakes. Thank you.

Post any evidence or further details


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@WhopperWithSeeesYT Hello and thank you for makIng this appeal. As seen in the video provided in the  forum report leading to your punishment, you ran over a player without a valid reason. Wanting to get away is not a valid reason to run them over just because they were standing in the way, especially when the player posed no threat to your life. 

Pending Senior Admin+ for conclusion.

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Hello & thank you for appealing.

As punched mentioned, them standing in the way does not warrant you to run them over. You had no valid reason to run them over.

Appeal denied

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