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Ballinbynature - Arshia Jaksun (Perm ban appeal)

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Account name: Arshia2000
Character name(s):Arshia_jacksun

Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature
Date of punishment: 26 jan 2019 2:45
Punishment received:perm ban

Reason given for punishment : #4 Dm (FR) extentive admin record

Your explanation of what happened: Hi again i dont know what to say again after all these months that passed away and i only remeber that my perm ban was because of me that started by breaking rules by stealing a truck from cops and vdming the guy in front of me after that reporting flucifial for abusing and after that i got perm banned because of a shoot out that happened in lsd lab which it turned out diego didnt warn the people that we were going to shoot so we all got warns or bans.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have been wating long enough to rethink my behaviours and be another persone and i really missed eclipse  and role playing with my friends and i regret what i have done.
when i return i wont be like my past im gonna be foucsing on role playing instead of being in a gang and killing people for fun and i have re read all the rules to make sure that i didnt forget them or i have learned the new ones.
Also ballinbynature told me that i can post my appeal after 1 month but right now 70 days have passed.
I dont know how to say how i missed it i just want to play with my friends again.

Post any evidence or further details:https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/16129-arshia2000-arshia-jaksun-perm-ban-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-80836
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Hello, thank you for appealing.

As BallinByNature is on leave of absence, I will handle this appeal. You will be let back on a final warning, meaning that if you violate any server offenses to a severe level or any of our more serious server rules (such as DM), you will be immediately banned - and this time, it will be much longer ban length (potentially without a return possibility). It's your responsibility to contribute to a positive community environment, abide by our server rules and adapt to our RP guide(s). Any signs of toxicity or poor role-play are not welcomed on Eclipse Roleplay anymore.

 Welcome back,

- Osborn.

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